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How To Eliminate Thyroid Disease

by: Jonathan Landsman

(NaturalNews) Are you tired or frustrated you can't lose weight? One of the most overlooked health issues associated with these chronic health problems is hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, many people are not taught how sensitive the thyroid gland is to stress within a modern (fast paced) lifestyle.

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To fix a health problem – understand your body

The thyroid gland produces hormones which stabilize our metabolic rate and energy levels. Protein synthesis, body temperature regulation and oxygen consumption of the cells would not occur without a healthy thyroid gland. In other words, if you abuse your thyroid with a poor diet and lifestyle choices – the rest of the body will suffer.

Our immune system is under attack from toxins within our air, water and food supply. These pollutants over-stimulate our immune system, create auto-immune reactions and damage thyroid function. The good news is thyroid disease is reversible without pharmaceuticals.

The underlying issue behind thyroid disease

According to Dr. Brownstein, his clinical practice has revealed that just about everyone suffering with Thyroid dysfunction has severe iodine deficiency. But, it's not enough to just eat salt or supplement with iodine. You MUST be sure to get the right kind of iodine to produce a positive result.

Have you been tested properly? Dr. Brownstein says the commonly-used, spot iodine (skin) test is useless! It's better to get a "spot urinary iodine test" – which test your morning urine to see how much iodine is present. Or, you can take a "24 hour iodine loading test" – which give you a pretty good idea how much iodine has been excreted and retained. Bottom line: get tested and consult a qualified, holistic medical professional.

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