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Iain in Oregon

Hi Utopia Silver,
I read with great interest the article [in Natural News Insider Alert] describing Ben Taylor's fight with the corporate machine dba United States [United States federal corporation. Reference 28 USC 3002(15)—-000-.html ] Where/how did he come by the knowledge  that allowed him to stop this giant in its tracks? This is information every citizen should have as a matter of daily course of living their lives.  On behalf of the grateful few, thank you, Mr. Taylor.

Iain in OregonA:
Hi Iain,
From my family. They taught me about the American Constitution, The English Magna Charta, American and English Common Law- all of which derive from “God-given” Rights. Privileges granted by Man can be taken by Man, but Rights given to us by Almighty God can only be taken by Him.

Beyond that, my maternal grandmother and mother were Irish/Celtic and as you may know they sometimes enjoy a good fight even if they loose. My father is Scot-English and that heritage has its limits as far as being bullied by petty tyrants. Remember William Wallace?

(A note about my grandmother: She was a farmer’s daughter and wife who raised 10 children and had much knowledge and “common sense” about natural and herbal healing. For example, she used the white milk from fig trees to remove warts and skin cancers.)

Ben Taylor

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