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Hi Utopia,

I have 2 questions. First, I know you are not a doctor, and do not dispense advice. I also know that we are "experimenting" with our bodies, trying to find a solution for our problems. Having said that, have you ever heard of colloidal gold helping with severe insomnia? My daughter has been struggling with this since puberty, and she is now 22 years old. I am trying to decide whether to try the Intramax, or the gold, or both at the same time. Also, what is the recommended dosage of your colloidal gold? I cannot seem to find that info.


Joanne  in New Jersey

Hi Joanne,

I will  without reservation give my opinion. Not as a ‘medical doctor’,  but as a man with certain God-given unalienable Rights  as stated in The Declaration of Independence; one of those Rights being the ‘Freedom of Speech’.

There are many causes of insomnia, so to counter it requires a little investigation to try and determine the root cause. It is certainly more uncommon for a young person to suffer with it than an older person who may be in a more nutrient depleted state. I will give you some suggestions, but this is unusual enough (considering your daughter’s age) that I would recommend doing a 1-2 hour phone consultation with our MD/ND consultant, Dr. Ken O’Neal. His rates are reasonable and as an emergency physician for 36+ years he has seen it all. But whetherl you make that decision or not I’ll offer some nutrition suggestions.

I have not heard of Colloidal Gold being used for this, but I would not be surprised as gold can have a calming effect on the emotions and improves memory and focus and is also used by many for depression. Gold is essentially a super electrolyte since it conducts electrons as few other elements can and the brain functions neurologically on the movement of electrons between its cells. As with any issue, each person and each situation is different and may require a different amount of any given supplement/product. Personally, I would start with 1-3 teaspoons of gold on an empty stomach each day possibly work up to a ¼-1/2 oz. daily for a week or so- to see if it might help.

IntraMax is one of the best broad spectrum vitamin, mineral and herb formulas on the market. My first inclination would be to use this along with the Membrane Complex and the Colloidal Gold.

Membrane Complex which contains the best and most absorbable forms of Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. Deficiencies in these are often (but not always) accompanied by leg cramps, but if she has cramps, this is where I would look first.

a. Calcium (1,500 – 2,00 mg per night) may help to prevent and treat Insomnia due to its ability to sedate the Central Nervous System. Calcium deficiency may be an underlying cause of Early-Waking Insomnia.  

b. Magnesium supplementation reduces the next-day fatigue associated with Insomnia and is essential with Calcium to relax the muscles.

c. Potassium is an electrolyte that works with calcium and magnesium.

Other supplements we carry that may be key to eliminating or reducing insomnia are:

1) L Tryptophan may alleviate Insomnia due to its role as precursor for the production of Serotonin within the body.

2) Vitamin B Complex relieves stress and promotes a more restful state. (In IntraMax, but you may also want to add the Stress B-50 .)

3) Iron deficiency. (This should be taken care of by IntraMax.)

4) Folic Acid deficiency may also contribute to insomnia. (Also in IntraMax.)

5) IP-6/Inositol (1,000 – 10,000 mg per night) may alleviate Insomnia due to its effects on Benzondiazepine Receptors in the Brain. 

6) We also have a product called Somatomax that is very effective in getting sleep. I use it myself every couple of weeks when I want to get an extra sound night’s sleep, but I would not use it every night (maybe once or twice a week).

7) Melatonin alleviates Insomnia in many persons: The dosage of Melatonin required to alleviate Insomnia is quite variable.  It is recommended that persons prone to Insomnia begin by using 1 mg of Melatonin two hours prior to retiring.  If no improvement occurs, increase the dosage to 2 – 3 mg.  Some people are cured of Insomnia by taking Melatonin several hours before retiring, while others are only cured when they take Melatonin one hour before retiring. Use of melatonin should be limited to a few days a week as long term use may reduce the body’s ability to naturally produce sleep enzymes.

Be sure and ask for our First Time Customer Discount on the Colloidal Gold or Silver and feel free to email me again if you need more input.

Also if you order more than $100.00 worth of non-colloidal supplements, be sure and ask for a free bottle of silver or gold .

Ben in Utopia

You are appreciated in Utopia.

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