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Jill, CureZone Contributor

Dear CureZone Readers,
I have a 94 year old lady that I take care of. She is a sweetheart but is definitely fading quite naturally in strength as the months go by. She has a very strong heart and great digestion—a good appetite and no problems in general keeping things "moving along" if you know what I mean. Which is all very important reasons why she has lived so long and is so strong. Also living in a very rural area, I am sure she was probably raised on raw milk and mostly farm fresh products.
She does have either asthma and high blood pressure. Recently, one of the other aides, who basically does almost nothing for my little lady when she is there, dropped her on her head. She lied about it, too. My patient didn't talk for 2 days and seemed to be in pain. After Iwas on for a couple of days, she perked up amazingly and started talking again and eating, etc. The person in charge noticed, this is the last of many red flags—so the other aide is being phased out rather quickly, which she is not happy about. Almost immediately after this, my patient developed an upper respiratory infection which coupled with her asthma, was very scary. And the clinic would not prescribe anitbiotics for her. Next time I was on I sneakily brought a bottle of Utopia Silver and not only did I give her doses through the day, I gave her a couple of breathing treatments with the silver.

WOW! What a difference even by the end of the day! Also, she has had a very nasty (also untreated) eye infection for many weeks. Every morning I have to wash away lots of yellow gunk. I put the silver in her eyes. Next morning, not only was she dramatically improved in her cold symptoms, but her eyes were completely cleared up!

I continued with the same regime the next day. She was great all day! When the doctor called, he was so surprised! He asked, did the clinic prescribe antibiotics? I told him "No". The lady in charge said, "Oh, maybe the Mucinex is breaking it up!" Uh, no. But I have to keep mum because I would probably get in a heap of trouble if it were known, which is a shame, because people should know about this stuff. I am not really worried about telling the lady in charge, but if the doctor knew, well, you know doctors and silver supplements. I would never, ever in any way shape or form ever medicate a patient so surreptitiously with any other type of medication in this way. I just have such complete trust in the safety and efficacy of the Utopia Silver.

She is a DNR patient. She is being cared for in her own home. She pays for her care. I know she is being given basically only palliative care, but I can see no reason why she should have to go drowning in fluids struggling for every breath when there is no need for this. My prayer for her is that she remains strong until Jesus takes her home peacefully in her sleep.

I really am so grateful to have discovered Utopia Silver. As soon as I can afford to, I am going to purchase the machine from Utopia Silver and a gallon of the good stuff, too, before they manage to make it illegal to do so.

Blessings, Jill~
CureZone Contributor

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