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Lois in Utah

Hi Utopia Silver,
I just learned about your site on Colloidal Silver from a friend who knows I love it. I was so glad to see it and to read the many testimonies on its healing values. I have been using Colloidal Silver for nearly 10 years. But it was hard to find and sometimes so very expensive. Then to my delight, I found a place that sold the generators and bought my own. I used to hoard it and use it very sparingly. But now I can use it for everything and have found how it works so well for so many things.

The experience that I would like to add to your testimonies is this:

My mother is 84, and last year she got shingles on her face and in her hair. I had just read that Colloidal Silver was good for shingles, and as I live some 70 miles from her, I took a quart of Colloidal Silver and headed for her home. When I got there I started by giving her a fourth of a cup internally (which we did twice a day ) and started spraying the effected area with a spritz bottle. It started feeling much better almost immediately, as it took the itching and soreness away. She sprayed it as many times a day as she wanted or felt it needed it. Two days later she went back to the Dr. and he was amazed. He told her she was doing so well she would not have to come back. It took a week or so for all the scabs to heal. Sense then several people I know have used the Colloidal Silver for shingles with the same results. Saying it was the only thing that really helped. I also know two people who are now using it for chronic sinus infections which they have had for years and have had none since starting to use the silver . I am so grateful it is being made available to everyone. I believe every home should have its own generator, to provide for there own families.

Lois in Utah

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