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Melbourne Woman Crippled By Gardasil

by: Joanne Waldron

(NaturalNews) One more woman wishes she could be "one less" person to have received the Merck Gardasil vaccine. In an article in The Herald Sun, Brigid O'Connell reports that a 28-year-old Melbourne woman experienced an auto-immune and neurological attack after receiving a Gardasil jab in July of 2008. A group of seven other women, one who suffered a miscarriage purportedly due to the Gardasil injection, are contemplating joining the court case.

Vaccine Protocol

According to O'Connell, the woman's doctors originally diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis and later recanted this diagnosis and declared that it was a neurological reaction to the Gardasil vaccine. After receiving the injection, she was afflicted with convulsions. Racked by excruciating neck and back pain, she also became unable to walk. Due to the disruption of her life which lasted over two years, the young woman is hoping to be compensated for her medical expenses and lost income.

Body Count Escalating

Meanwhile, in the U.S., the Gardasil body count continues to climb. Barbara Hollingsworth reports in The Washington Examiner that between Sept. 1, 2010 and Sept. 15, 2011, 26 new deaths and many more severe adverse reactions were reported in patients receiving Gardasil injections. The adverse reactions included seizures, paralysis, and blindness.

Doctors Silenced

Doctors who dare to speak out about Gardasil are being silenced. According to an article by Norma Erickson, Dr. Sin Hang Lee was aware of some studies that had been submitted to the FDA before any HPV vaccines were approved. These studies demonstrated that there was a substantial increase in pre-cancerous lesions for those who had been exposed to vaccine-relevant genotypes of HPV before receiving Gardasil or Cervarix injections. In order to try to protect those people who were thinking about getting an HPV vaccination, Dr. Lee offered his HPV genotyping test to U.S. medical consumers so they might avoid that potential risk. Dr. Lee's admirable actions were rewarded by him losing his medical staff privileges at Milford Hospital.

Sex Fears Used To Peddle Vaccines

Dr. Diane Harper, who was instrumental in developing the HPV vaccine, says that unrealistic promises are being made about the jab. According to The Kansas City Star, Harper states that "fear is what sells." Dr. Douglass quips in The Douglass Report, "When it comes to risk, however, the sky's the limit: HPV shots have been linked to thousands of horrific problems, including a debilitating nerve disorder and dozens of deaths — and the feds were caught red-handed last year trying to cover them up."

Most Dangerous Vaccine Ever Concocted

Dr. Douglass calls HPV vaccines "some of the most dangerous vaccines ever concocted" and states that Gardasil "has been killing and crippling girls since it first came to market." In spite of this, the CDC is now recommending this vaccine for young boys. Reuters reports that Merck sales have trumped forecasts bolstered by the sale of the Gardasil vaccine, with global revenues rising to over 12 billion. The only question that remains is whether the profits will continue to climb as quickly as the body count.

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