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MMR Vaccine Kills Another Baby In Belgium

by: Ethan A. Huff

(NaturalNews) The combination measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, which both the U.S. government and health authorities insist is completely safe for young children, has killed yet another child in the European nation of Belgium. Christina England over at reports that Xandro Sanspuer, an 18-month-old boy from Renaix, Belgium, died recently after receiving the MMR vaccine from Kind & Gezin (K&G) Child and Family Health Center.

Vaccine Protocol

Young Xandro was still recovering from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a condition that causes respiratory tract infections, when a doctor at K&G advised Xandro's parents to have him vaccinated with MMR. Concerned about his son's health, Xandro's father Cedric explained to the doctor that Xandro was still gravely ill but recovering from the RSV infection, and requested that he first be thoroughly examined before the MMR vaccine even be considered.

The doctor reportedly complied with Cedric's request, but insisted upon examination that because Xandro's chest appeared to be clear, it was safe to administer the MMR vaccine. Not long after receiving the vaccine, however, young Xandro reportedly suffered cardiac arrest, which resulted in his rapid death. And based on the timing of events, Xandro's parents say the cause of death was most definitely the MMR vaccine.

Officials from K&G quickly denied that the MMR vaccine was responsible, but said they would conduct a thorough investigation. In the meantime, the group is callously urging parents not to "worry unnecessarily about vaccinations," according to reports. And Belgian authorities are also now reiterating their denial of a link between MMR and Xandro's death, insisting that the child died of "natural causes."

Naturally, Xandro's parents are not buying any of these politically correct excuses. They knew Xandro better than anyone else, and it was quite obvious to them that the MMR vaccine tipped the boy over the edge. The vaccine basically kicked little Xandro while he was down, so to speak, which makes any attempt to write off his death as unrelated to MMR just another blatant example of the incredible arrogance and irrationality that are hallmarks of mainstream medicine.

Vaccines killed another Belgian child late last year
A similar incident occurred late last year when Stacy Sirjacobs, a nine-week-old Belgian baby, died just one week after receiving a barrage of nine different vaccines on the same day. According to reports, young Stacy had a slight cold on the day she was vaccinated, but doctors insisted that she was well enough to receive the vaccines.

A week later, Stacy developed a staggering fever of nearly 104 degrees Fahrenheit, upon which her parents gave her Perdolan, a mild analgesic drug. Stacy's parents then called the hospital, and upon being admitted, Stacy was diagnosed with having an infection in her chest and blood that doctors insisted was "not serious," and not related to the vaccines. Stacy was then put on a drip feed and was given other medications.

Even though she had been vaccinated against gastroenteritis, young Stacy soon developed this illness as well as an irregular heartbeat, which doctors still insisted was not a big deal. Stacy continued to suffered terrible diarrhea throughout the night, and developed red spots on her body and extreme breathing difficulties. The hospital did nothing about any of this, and by 3:00 am, Stacy was pronounced dead (

Both of these cases illustrate plainly and obviously that vaccines are not nearly as safe as we are all being told. Parents must thus take extreme caution when allowing their children to be vaccinated, and do plenty of their own independent research before agreeing to go through with them.

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