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Natural Supplement Manufacturer Jim Cole Under FDA Fire

by: Jonathan Benson

(NaturalNews) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently in illegal possession of $2 million worth of private assets owned by natural supplement manufacturer Jim Cole and his three businesses, Maxam Nutraceutics, Turbosonic USA, and Sonic Life. In direct violation of the U.S. Constitution's Fifth Amendment, the FDA is refusing to press charges against Jim, denying him of his right to due process, as well as refusing to return his personal property, which the agency appears intent on using to put him out of business.

As we covered last year, the FDA first decided to needlessly target Jim and his businesses back in 2010, and later sent dozens of armed thugs to conduct an unprovoked raid on his Hood River, Oregon-based facilities and private home back in April 2011. In the process of the raid, the jackbooted drones that complied with the FDA's illicit orders seized 220 boxes of Jim's private files, customer records, and invoices, including files marked "Attorney Client Privileged Information," as well as stole $2 million worth of his companies' products.

You can read our earlier report on the FDA's shakedown of Jim Cole here:

Not long after conducting the raid, the FDA illegally seized all of Jim's money from five bank accounts he held, and shut down the merchant accounts associated with them, essentially halting his business operations. The FDA also tried to destroy Jim's reputation in the local community by making sure that Jim's picture ran on the front page of a local newspaper with captions labeling him as a money launderer and a racketeer, both of which are patently false.

Judge grants FDA unlimited stall time to drive Jim out of business

Jim responded to the FDA's unjustified assault on his livelihood and pilfering of his private property and assets by trying to pursue legal action against the FDA for failing to actually charge him with any legitimate crime. In the meantime; however, a judge recently granted Jim's prosecutors at the FDA a motion to stop all proceeding, which means the agency can stall for a long as it wants to in having to file any actual charges against him.

Because the FDA has no real case against Jim, the agency is violating the due process requirements of the justice system in order to illegally hold ransom Jim's assets, and eventually drive him out of business. Such activity is absolutely criminal, and the fact that a judge has now helped facilitate the indefinite ransom of private property by a rogue federal agency shows just how far into tyranny the United States of America has descended.

Since the mainstream media will never report on this shameless abuse by the FDA of the Constitution and the justice system, it is up to individuals to get the word out about it and demand that some kind of justice be served. The FDA is brazenly thwarting the rule of law in its ruthless attempt to destroy the businesses of a man that has done no wrong, and the issue needs to be brought to light so that this criminal agency can be stopped.

Jim has issued a call for help from the natural health community in the form of a petition, entitled "Stop the FDA's malicious persecution of Jim Cole," which contains more details about his ongoing battle to preserve his livelihood and continue helping people without government oppression. You can access that petition here:

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