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Silver Bullet-in Readers and Utopia Silver Customers,

Below is a 'press release' from a fledgling natural health and current events magazine put together by my friends, Sarah, Andrea, and Thomas that has many relevant and interesting articles.

Please note, Sarah Cain is the best 18 year old writer on the Internet.

To read an interview they did with me in a past issue, go to,

Please check them out and let me know what you think.

Ben Taylor
Silver Bullet-in Publisher

Past Issues of Naturally Good Magazine Available Free!

Naturally Good Magazine is a revolutionary new magazine which covers health-related topics, ranging from pharmaceutical-induced school shootings to the treatments for strep throat.  We cover the articles that other health magazines are afraid to, out of fear of the F.D.A..  We routinely exercise our right to freedom of the press, as guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution.  We do not use anonymous sources, and we stake our names and reputations to our words, and never hesitate to sign our names.  We offer old-fashioned investigative journalism that was lost amid a new trend of misinformation, pandering to corporate agendas, and deceit.  All of our pages include well-researched material, because our credibility and your trust are important to us.

We teach our readers about good nutrition, maintaining their own health, preventing and curing disease, detoxing, and cooking naturally; all with God's medicines.  We place your health above big industries, money, and even the government.  We guarantee that we will always be completely honest, because we have nothing to gain from lying to you.  We are a different kind of publication and a rarity kind in the printed media.  Most retailers refuse to carry Naturally Good Magazine, because it is not merely an advertisement delivery system, but it covers real content that can save lives.  It threatens an entire industry which keeps people sick for profit.

The print version of Naturally Good Magazine is currently only available at select Earth Fare stores in North Carolina, but past issues are always released online, free of charge in PDF format.  We are far more concerned about saving lives, than intellectual property rights; and so we encourage redistribution of Naturally Good Magazine.  It is one of many things that make Naturally Good Magazine different from others. 

It is our aim to save the lives of anyone who will listen.  The medical establishment is the number one killer in the United States today, through their use of pharmaceuticals and unnecessary surgeries.  Allopathic medicine has never actually been intended to cure disease; but instead, it merely treats disease symptoms.  Its drugs manage disease symptoms, which thereby allows for the management of patients as perpetual customers, so chronic sickness becomes normal, and a tool of wealth acquisition.  They profit only when you are sick, and it is not in their financial interest to cure any condition.

There are cheap and truly safe remedies for even the worst chronic conditions; including cancer, diabetes, and heart-disease.  You have been prevented from knowing this, because the cures use all-natural methods, which are not patentable, profitable, and cannot be easily regulated (for monopolizing a market).  Naturally Good Magazine will provide you with something that you are not used to hearing: the truth.  We hope that you can handle it.

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