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OPC Plus

We recently purchased OPC Plus, and would like to know if you have any information on contraindications if taken along with Laetrile.

Also, do you have any recommendations for curative dosages other than those printed on the label?

Best regards,
Theodore in North Carolina

Hi Theodore,

The ‘doses’ on the label are really a minimal therapeutic amount. As everyone and every situation is different, one should do the minimum until the body adjusts since there may initially be a detoxing/Herxheimer effect similar as noted in this FAQ about silver,

I routinely (every 2-3 months) do a preventative protocol of OPC and apricot pits (which contain laetrile). I have noticed no contraindications, but someone who has cancer probably would be more susceptible to an intensified Herxheimer effect. I would start slow and build up to a level that is comfortable for you.

Ben in Utopia

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