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Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs: How to Stop the Pain

by: Barbi Trejo

(NaturalNews) What exactly is "plantar fasciitis?" When the plantar fascia becomes inflamed it is called plantar fasciitis. This happens when you use your foot too much, such as an athlete who runs constantly. There can be trauma caused to the heel and this trauma is called a heel spur. A heel spur is a bony growth, while plantar fascia is a tendon thickening that is inflamed and thus ruptures. This rupture causes so much pain that the person can be debilitated.

Have you recently gained weight? The force on your feet is about 120 percent of your weight. "Obesity puts a great amount of stress on all the supporting structures of the foot," said Dr. Bart Gastwirth, a podiatrist at the University of Chicago. "It can lead to plantar fasciitis and heel pain and can worsen hammertoes and bunions."

Heel pain for many begins in their early 60's, but may start as early as the 20's and 30's. Being obese, circulation problems and diabetes may add to this problem. Wearing proper footwear and getting the right kind of exercise is very important to help prevent this foot health problem. A normal person will walk an equivalent of three times around the earth. This is a lot of walking to put pressure on your 26 bones, 33 joints, 100 tendons, ligaments and muscles in your poor aching feet.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes:

According to many doctors, wearing the wrong type of shoes can cause heel spurs. The famous wedges, high heels or the new style shoes are not only uncomfortable, but they can cause many foot health problems down the road. Don`t give up these stylish shoes, but wear in moderation. Look for a comfortable shoe with wiggle room; a shoe that has the arch padded and thick soles.

Risk Factors That Might Cause Plantar Fasciitis:

– Foot arch problems(sometimes from wearing ill fitting shoes).
– Sudden weight gain or being obese.
– Running or being an athlete.
– A Tight Achilles tendon.

Self Help Methods:

1. Let your feet rest, as rest is essential. Reduce the amount of time you are on your feet.
2. Never go barefoot. Always protect your souls with cushions.
3. Stretch your feet before rising in the morning. The first steps are the worse.
4. Exercise your plantar fascia or heel spur in the day.
5. Massage with warm olive oil.
6. Soak your feet in a bath of marigold flowers.

Chop some fresh flowers and add it to some coconut oil. Heat slightly and then let cool. The ointments are good for pains. To make the ointment easy to spread, you can add some vegetable oil to the ointment. Some will recommend lard instead of coconut oil.

Note: Adding some Nigella Sativa oil to the above remedy may help with the pain, as Nigella Sativa is also an anti-inflammatory herb useful for pain and swelling.

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Will Exercising Relieve the Pain:

– Use stretching exercises to stretch the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon.
– Use strengthening exercises to strengthen the muscles in the ankle and foot.

Natural Pain Relief Formula:

– 1 Tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper
– 3 Tablespoons of Ginger
– 3 Tablespoons of Turmeric

Mix all very well and store in an airtight container. When pain relief is needed, take 1/2 teaspoon of the pain formula and mix in a glass of water and drink.

Morning Exercises:

1. When you wake in the morning, exercise your plantar fascia by flexing your foot up and down for 10-12 times.

2. Take a towel and stretch the bottom of the feet.

Exercises to avoid

Avoid all forms of running and jogging or any motion with repeated pounding of your feet against a hard surface.

If you are an athlete, use warm up exercises before you begin your day. After a day of sports, relax with some foot massages and some ice packs to relieve the swelling.

Remedies that work:

Grape Seed for Circulation:

One of the best remedies is the use of grape seeds or grape seed extracts. Grape seeds are a natural anti-inflammatory herb and are great for a number of things. Take 2-3 capsules per day of the whole grape seeds ground in capsules or 500 mg of grape seed extract per day.

Nigella Sativa or Black Cumin:

This cure for all diseases includes bone spurs. Take 50 grams of ground black seeds and 250 ml of water and bring to a boil. Boil this mixture for 30 minutes. Strain and drink this mixture twice a day for one week. Results should be seen after one week.

EFT for Heel Spurs:

Marian Slaman talks about having results with EFT (Emotion Freedom Techniques) in curing a plantar fasciitis problem. With her tapping, she was successful. This is the beginning of what she tapped on the patient`s hand:

– "Even though I have this pain in my feet."

– "Even though it hurts to walk."

– "Even though it feels like the bones are coming apart."

– "Even though my bones need to readjust to the route."

– "Even though it feels like I am coming apart."

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Apple Cider Vinegar:

Using a brown paper bag soaked in apple cider vinegar will cure heel spurs. Cut the paper bag out in the shape of your feet and soak it in apple cider vinegar. Change the paper a few times in the day. Use this protocol for 2-3 weeks. Others have stated that they had better results drinking the vinegar. To drink the vinegar, mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar with 1 teaspoon of honey and one glass of water.

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