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I don't know how often you might go to my blog, if ever. But I recently posted about giving a co-worker some Colloidal Silver to use topically on her acne. She had heard me talk about it several times before, and I gave her a small amount to try. She knew I took it orally, but it never entered my mind she would use it orally as well.
She and I left the work area one day together to share a break time. We stopped by the jewelry counter so she could show me some titanium rings she had picked out for her wedding next year. While we were looking at them, she then informed me she was highly allergic to silver jewelry!!!! Had I known that, I probably would never have given the Collidal Silver to her. But since I had, and she had used it topically and internally with no ill effects, I was elated!!!!

This girl has loads of allergies!!!! If anyone would have had a reaction, she would have. And it would have happened the first time she applied it to her acne. She is now a firm believer in the Colloidal Silver.

I thought I would pass this on to you, since it had been one of my original questions. Hope all is well with you and yours!!!!


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