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Hi Utopia Silver,

I have had a rash for 6 months and have been to several doctors no one has a clue to what the rash is.  My skin is red and scaly and burns if I sweat when I exercise.  I am at my wits end is it possible to have a yeast infection on your face? I have been told Rosacea, dermatitis, etc.  Please any info would be great.

Stephanie in Ohio

Hi Stefanie,

It could be any of those and the only way to determine if the silver will help is to try it. We have had many who claimed success with silver for both problems. Use topically just on the affected area and 1 or 2 ounces a day for 4-5 days may be beneficial.

Have you considered the possibility that it may be some environmental contaminant, possibly even detergent in your clothes and sheets. I always double rinse everything I wash that has any chance of coming into contact with my skin.

You may also want to try our Silver Aloe or Aloe Gold Skin Therapy Soaps as well.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

Ben Taylor
Utopia Silver Supplements
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