Customer Testimonials

Rose Laurel OPC

I received this email from an elderly lady who I had told about the Oleander Pure Concentrate:

“Tony, Just wanted you to know after a year on the Oleander OPC, I seem to be cancer free …the pain, swelling, and fever in my breast has completely disappeared!! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found you, please keep up the great work!!

We need more like you.
Anna Marie”

A little background:  Anna Marie is a lady of around 80 years old or so who is friends with my uncle and aunt in Texas.  At one time Anna Marie and her husband were in a "walking club" with my uncle and aunt.  When my uncle and aunt found out that Anna Marie had breast cancer that was getting worse no matter what she tried, my uncle told Anna Marie about how he followed my advice and used oleander as the centerpiece of an anti-cancer protocol that successfully got rid of his lung cancer after mainstream medicine failed him.

Tony in Texas

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