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Rose Laurel


Have you heard of any instances where someone taking the oleander capsules have experienced heart rhythm issues? I'm diagnosed w/ cancer and have an irregular heartbeat. I've tried several natural and alternative approaches w/o much success so i'm very interested in the oleander caps. Is there a suggested protocol that comes w/a purchase?

Brent in Tennessee

Hi Brent,
Go to Natural Cellular Immune Booster Protocol , which is recommended if doing any kind of therapeutic healing. That protocol is by an MD/ND who does consultation for us. It is always recommended to do a Liver Cleanse and to take the Membrane Complex prior to doing any IP-6 or Rose Laurel (oleander) since IP-6 can accelerate the body’s use of calcium and magnesium and any deficiency of these can be the root cause of weaken heart rhythms or arrhythmias.  The use of either IP-6 or Rose Laurel should start with a minimal amount and build up to therapeutic levels if your body responds OK.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

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