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Hi Utopia,

Sarcoidosis, have you any experiences of using colloidial silver for this? and would a nebuliser be an effective way to get silver into the lungs for someone who is quite ill with Sarcoidosis?   thanks  Pat Hegarty

Pat H.


Hi Pat,

Yes, it would. I personally use a neublizer with Colloidal Silver any time I feel like I might be catching a cold or bronchitis.

You may want to consider mega doses (4-6 morning and night) of enzymes on an empty stomach to help counter the inflammation that often accompanies sarcoidosis. This protocol also improves circulation.

If you are also developing heart issues that often result, I would recommend Membrane Complex and Dr. Christopher’s Heart Syrup.

If you purchase more than $100.00, this may interest you,

You are appreciated in Utopia.

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