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Selenium-Chromium-Silica: Three Important Minerals

by Christopher C. Barr

‘Spaceballs’ is a somewhat obscure film made by the movie making giant Mel Brooks that spoofed the science fiction genre about 20 years ago. The film took the ‘Star Wars’ standby “May the force be with you” and played it for laughs with “May the Schwartz be with you”. Allow me to take off on that laugh line and convert it to a life line, “May the Schwarz be with you”.

Dr. Klaus Schwarz, M.D., Ph.D., is a truly obscure figure though a true giant of scientific research that sparked science non-fiction research 50 years ago. The accomplishments for life from the research of Dr. Schwarz have not been matched in all the years since that time.

Schwarz established the essentiality for life of more nutrients than any man who ever lived. Selenium and chromium were the first two while silicon was the last of the six minerals established as essential for life through his body of work.

The mineral selenium plays a greater role than any other element when it comes to prostate or breast cancer.

The mineral chromium shines more brightly than any other element when it comes to diabetes.

The mineral silicon has the most prominent role of any element when it comes to both bone and joint health.

May the Schwarz be with you.

Ironic elements of the Schwarz story

The life of this giant with accomplishments that were epic in validity has been sadly, tragically relegated to a short Schwarz story.

First, Dr. Schwarz established selenium as an essential element for life in 1957. This essentiality was determined in liver studies. Ironically selenium had previously been accused – and falsely so – of being a toxic element to the liver, and was discarded from consideration by mainstream science at large for many years before. Sadly some lummoxes of the polluted stream of mainstream science still languish lazily in that erroneous deception.

Selenium soon was noted by scientists too numerous to mention as a cancer preventative. In yet another twisted irony, prior to the landmark find by Schwarz of the essentiality for selenium in liver studies, this life essential was picked – randomly it seems – to receive blame for non-cancerous liver tumors many years before.

A pesticide study had noted the liver tumors. Rather than blame the pesticide itself that was full of all kinds of chemicals, the study authors singled out the mineral selenium — without any foundation – that was barely present in the pesticide. Though the study demonstrated non-cancerous liver tumors, and though there was no direct connection to selenium established, this study is the origin for statements by ignorant scientists that selenium may be linked as a cause for cancer.

Selenium has been studied at great length and no other item has demonstrated greater anti-cancer abilities.

Selenium has also been discovered as essential for thyroid function. This life enriching mineral is at least as important to thyroid health as the mineral iodine that receives the lion’s share of attention for thyroid health.

This vital element has also been profoundly noted for heart, joint and immune system strength.

The importance of this vitally necessary element selenium remains nearly as unknown as the name of Dr. Klaus Schwarz who established its essentiality though it is so well documented for so many health matters.

Dr. Schwarz established chromium as an essential element for life just two years after establishing selenium as essential. This essentiality was also determined in liver studies. Chromium was established as essential specifically for blood sugar metabolism. Despite the naturally inherent connection to diabetes of this vital nutrient chromium, it is also nearly as ignored as is the man who established its necessity.

Space does not permit discussion for all the other profound uses of this shining star of nutrition that is the mineral chromium. Only this brief mention is made as to its use against birth defects, for energy production, for healthy eyes, and for heart health.

Lastly, Dr. Schwarz established silicon as an essential element for life. It is the most important element for bone health and may be of no less vitality for heart and blood vessel health.

Schwarz was establishing extensive silicon studies at his federal government research position to flesh out more fully its uses when his life was cut short in the 1970s. The government dumped this research upon his death.

Selenium, chromium and silicon are very common deficiencies due to the very common consumption of refined, bleached white flour in the American diet. This standard American diet (sAd) choice has been reported as 20 per cent of the standard American diet. The whole grain source material can be an abundant source of these elements but greater than 90 per cent of these vitally essential nutrients are removed during processing into white flour.

No other three elements are more commonly deficient or profoundly important than the mineral elements selenium, chromium and silicon noted as essential by way of the stellar work of Dr. Klaus Schwarz.

Though previously a line for laughter it is herewith noted regarding these better than medicine, best options among mineral nutrients of selenium, chromium and silicon — “May the Schwarz be with you”.

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