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Shelf Life

Hi Utopia,
How long generally do you think the shelf life of colloidal silver is?

I want to purchase 9 bottles but I'm wondering if we don't use it all for a year or so will those bottles still be good?


Hi Michelle,
The shelf life of Colloidal Silver can be indefinite, but nano-particle silver is more delicate than larger particle silver in a gelatinous base. Our CS generally keeps better in larger volumes, so we don’t recommend the 8 oz. bottles for long term storage. We do recommend using 8 oz. bottles within 60 days of opening and whatever you do, never refrigerate them.

Volumes such as 1 gallons and 5 gallons kept in an environment that isn’t too cold, will last indefinitely. We have 1 and 5 gallon jugs from our production as well as from a competitor that have survived for 5-7 years with minimal product fallout. We also have 8 oz. bottles from the same time period that haven’t faired very well.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

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