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Six Hundred Thousand Kids have Adverse Events to Prescription Drugs

by: Dr. Jay Davidson

(NaturalNews) "More than half of Americans on chronic meds!" That was the headline in May 2008, and big pharma was happy to hear that news.(1) The primary goal of the pharmaceutical industry is to continue to increase profits at the expense of Americans. The following are primarily the 4 methods that accomplish that: decrease cost of producing prescription drugs, increase the consumers' cost, increase the amount of medications that a person is currently taking and expand the marketplace so that everyone is on prescription drugs.

Big pharma has targeted the younger generations and because of that, more and more children have been prescribed medications in the last decade than ever before. As Elizabeth Gilbert said in her book Eat, Pray, Love, "medicating the symptom of any illness without exploring its root cause is a classic hare-brained Western way to think that anyone could ever get better."

Medications come at a cost and cause dangerous effects to the human body. According to an 11-year national analysis published in the journal Pediatrics, over half a million children (585,922) visit a doctor's office or emergency room for treatment of adverse drug events to prescription medicines!(2)

Over-the-counter medications are not included in the data of the 585,922 children reported yearly to have adverse events to prescription drugs. Also that same number does not include adverse drug events that do not seek medical attention.

The authors of this published article "were careful to exclude all cases which might be related to drug abuse, use of an illicit substance, intentional overdose, or administration of the wrong medication."

The study found that 28,062 children per year had an adverse event caused by vaccination, which accounted for almost 5% of the 585,922 yearly adverse drug events in children.(2) These numbers are out of control and staggering.

Prescription drugs are not safe and carry a significant risk when taking. The pharmaceutical industry's agenda is clear. Creating and labeling more disorders and diseases allows for more reasons to medicate the population.

The United States has the largest pharmaceutical industry in the world and yet the U.S. is not the healthiest nation. In 2007, its pharmaceutical revenue totaled at $315 billion.(3)

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