Laughter, The Best Medicine

So That Is What Service Means! Now We Understand!

I have often been confused when I heard the term “Service” used in reference to various government agencies and even some other private companies.
Internal Revenue “Service”
            U.S. Postal “Service”
            Telephone/Cell Phone “Service”
            Cable T.V. “Service”
            Civil “Service”
            Public “Service”
            Customer “Service”
Although there are many good people working in “Service” industries, very often I have wondered just what was meant by the term “Service”. In today’s world just to get “Service” can be an ordeal with an endless maze of “menus” and being put on hold.
However, today, I overheard two ranchers here in Utopia talking and one of them said he had hired another rancher’s bull to “Service” some of his cows.  
Almost immediately, it all came into perspective. I now understand what “Service” means, especially when attached to a government agency.

I hope you are NOW as enlightened as I am…

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