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Stimulation, Naturally

by Bob Reece

Anything that speaks of helping the body naturally cure itself is sure to get my attention.  Then when I hear it is relatively inexpensive, can be used for all ages, helps with virtually any health issue, is easy and fun, and has been endorsed by the likes of the father of modern aerobic exercise, Dr. Kenneth  Cooper, I became interested a whole bunch.

The product has been around about thirty years yet seems to be one of the biggest unsung heroes ever in helping anyone easily obtain excellent health.  It can be done year round, indoors or outdoors, and can be easily carried while away on business or vacation.

It improves digestion and elimination of cellular waste while accelerating metabolism to burn calories for weight control.   It lowers blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol naturally and improves circulatory disorders by increasing cellular respiration.

It enables aerobic exercise without stress or damage to joints and is an excellent exercise method for pregnant women to stay in shape without incurring musculoskeletal trauma.  And it promotes physical and mental stability while acting as a wonderful method for sports training such as golf, tennis, skiing and biking – all without incurring joint trauma.

If I told you it was called a Rebounder, would you say, huh?  If I told you that rebounding is the only exercise that strengthens EVERY cell in your body equally at the same time, while flushing your entire lymphatic system, would you say, no way?   And If I told you all the above could happen with as little as one or two minute sessions, five or six times daily, would you just say, get outa’ here?

Rebounders are nothing more than a mini-trampoline that sit about a foot off the floor, have a diameter of just over three feet and weigh right at 25 pounds.  They are virtually indestructible and come with an optional stabilizing bar for seniors or those with injuries or health issues requiring additional support.

Rebounding exercise is simply a gentle bouncing motion which uses gravity, acceleration and deceleration to very easily and quickly flush your entire lymph system, oxygenate cells, which in turn heals and energizes your body while lifting spirits.   

So now for the heavy stuff.  I have written several times about the benefits of an alkaline blood system, particularly on the issues of cancer, arthritis and aging.  

Cancer and many other diseases are simply the result of a healthy immune system gone haywire, allowing mutated body cells to grow and multiply.  When the immune system becomes acidic, cancer cells become active and spread freely due to the lack of white blood cells which normally act as the border patrol to recognize, attack, and kill these mutated cells.

The human body can heal itself from cancer and it is here that rebounding for as little as two minutes every hour, brings oxygen to each and every cell, enabling your body to flush the entire lymphatic system while tripling the number of protective white blood cells.

Arthritis is nothing more than an accumulation of toxic and acidic particles between your joints.  Fluid circulation is then compromised, creating more buildup and eventual stiffness and pain.

Rebounding exercise with gentle health bounces will flush the lymph, the foreign bodies, the dead white blood cells, and other toxins out of an inflamed area.  This allows new white blood cells to enter, however it is the repeated bouncing sessions that flush the joint(s), preventing the painful accumulations just described.

Aging presents a much broader list of health issues which are mostly associated with just living longer.  A partial list of ailments associated with aging are cardiovascular, incontinence, vision, osteoporosis, varicose veins, weight loss, and the combination of sagging, bagging and wrinkled skin.  

It is difficult to discuss how gentle bouncing on a Rebounder can either eliminate or dramatically improve all of these situations, especially when I could easily add another handful of health issues associated with aging.  I will clarify however that rebounding is not a cure for anything.  It is simply a wonderful tool that stimulates your body to heal itself.

Rebounding is a simple and gentle exercise which uses the three forces of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity to flush your entire lymphatic system, while tripling the number of white blood cells, all within two minutes of easy bouncing.  There are four basic rebounder moves:  Health Bounce, Strength Bounce, Aerobic Bounces, and Sitting, Buddy, and Optional Bounces.

I know this may sound extraordinarily simple and perhaps hard to believe, however rebounding has been proven and documented countless times over the last three decades.  The beauty of rebounding is that it can be easily and quickly done at home, at the office, while on vacation or while away on business.
A comprehensive explanation of all these issues and many more is found in the book “Rebounding to Better Health” Revised Edition, by Linda Brooks, CR. available at our website,   Anybody for combining a little fun with the magic of rebounding?

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