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Swine Flu Vaccine- What To Do?

By Dr. Eric Carter

Even though the swine flu vaccine question has been hotly debated by a large number of "experts" on every form of media for months, it seems that "by and large" most are still unsure of who to believe and what to do.

This reality came full circle this week in Church when the topic was once again mentioned, and concern was expressed about the safety of the vaccine for pregnant women. As I glanced around, I could tell by the expressions that few have actually resolved this "big" question in their mind. This is understandable though because we have truly become "Sheoplistic", lining up submissively for our medicine, placing our faith in mainstream media and conventional science without question. I am though disappointed in theologians for failing the Churches, for allowing Christians to ignorantly follow this man-made experimental practice we refer to as "science", with it's inherent greed and profit based motives, while blatantly ignoring the good Word of the Bible that has complete instruction to keep man safe and healthy. I am disappointed in the Church fathers for failing to "weigh-in" on this critical issue of disease. His children are truly dying for lack of knowledge.


My goal in this article is to inform you of what you have not heard in mainstream media, to let you know that the vaccine is not as safe and effective as you are being led to believe, and to provide you with information to help you make an "informed" decision about such things as vaccine's; swine flu or otherwise, because ultimately it is you, the individual, that has the responsibility for decisions that affect your health and longevity, and that of your family; It is you that must live with the results of those decisions. Below is a glimpse of the "other side" of the vaccine issue, consider it wisely.


Statistically speaking, we should see a surge in Autism

in the children of mothers that take the swine flu vaccine

For those of you that have only recently been added to my email list, it is important to let you that the information below comes from a position of knowledge, therefore I will first "qualify" myself. Our pastor refers to me as an "herb" doctor, and although I do utilize herbal medicine in practice, I actually specialize in what is better known as "naturopathic medicine", which encompasses a wide range of methods and modalities that incorporate scripturally valid science with natural therapies. I have an I.MD in integrated medicine, am Board Certified as a Natural Medical Doctor (DNM), and hold a medical license through SMOKH. This organization is a congressionally approved, Ecuadorian based Christian Missionary Medical Organization that trains medical practitioners and provides medical services to the less fortunate. To fulfill degree requirements I completed extensive clinical residency, including two years at Integrated Medical in Palestine Texas under the tutelage of Dr. Linda Martin, D.O., a 30 year State licensed practitioner of allopathic and alternative medicines, and past director of the greater Houston government public health service. I also serve (since 2007) as CEO of WONMP, the largest naturopathic medicine practitioner organization in the world ( The membership in this global organization includes medical practitioners from virtually every field of medicine, and as CEO I am in almost daily contact with some of the top minds in medicine from around the world. This gives me access to information and expert opinion that few are fortunate enough to have. I am truly blessed in this, and my patients are as well.
The most efficient way for me to "inform you" is to offer two most excellent articles (Do Vaccines Increase Your Risk of Disability and Dying, and Swine Flu What Should I Do? ) listed on the WONMP website, and provided by Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD of Dallas. Just so you will know, to be considered valid, a medical article must contain a list of references substantiating the facts given by clinical studies and valid supporting research. You will find Dr. Tennant's articles are extensively referenced with factual supporting information. You can therefore check the provided facts for yourself. While I encourage you to read both articles, below are a few facts:

The facts/data clearly show that rather than "protect" our children when we vaccinate them, we are actually increasing their chances of getting sick, being permanently injured with neurological and other irreversible illnesses, or increasing their risk of death. See references in the articles.

The government essentially "admitted" that vaccines pose a risk through development of the vaccine victim compensation fund in 1988. 

A close review of history substantiates that death from infectious disease in the 1800ʼs and early 1900ʼs plummeted with better sanitation, running water, better nutrition, and antibiotics, and not from vaccination which actually increases death rates. This is factual information for anyone that cares to do the research themselves.

Even the developer of one popular vaccine states the dangers: Dr. Jonas Salk who developed the first polio vaccine testified before Congress that live oral polio vaccine (used in the US since 1960) was "the principle, if not the sole cause" of all reported polio cases since 1961." He further stated that if we were to avoid the occurrence of such cases, it would be necessary to discontinue the routine use of live polio vaccine. This statement was published in Science Magazine April 4, 1977.

And people that do choose vaccination are a danger to everyone else: As reported in "Shedding of Virulent Poliovirus Revertants during Immunization with Oral Poliovirus Vaccine after Prior Immunization with Inactivated Polio Vaccine," Journal of Infectious Diseases 1993; 168.", children often shed live viruses in their stool for 6-8 weeks after vaccination! Thus when we vaccinate our children and send them to school, they carry the viruses we injected into them and transmit them to the other children, their parents, grandparents, and anyone else that comes into contact with them. Note: I also watched the Baylor doctor on channel 4 this week stating that the small amount of live virus from the swine flu vaccine is not enough to "infect". You decide who is correct!

The measles vaccine is a good example: The US Government reported in May 1985 that 80% of measles cases occurred in those that had been vaccinated for measles! In 1992, the FDA noted that 95% of measles cases had been vaccinated for measles, and that vaccinated individuals were carriers of the disease. Before the measles vaccine was developed in 1963, it was rare to see measles in young children. Now that mothers have been vaccinated when they were children, they don't pass immunity on to their newborns. Thus we see that most cases of measles are in the young, particularly around 15 months of age. Expect no different results from those injected with the swine flu vaccination!

It is a known fact that all vaccines contain poisons like formaldehyde, aluminum, tin, mercury, body parts from monkeys, eggs, other viruses, etc, in addition to the virus that is the focus of the vaccine. However, the swine flu vaccine contains squalene, the suspected cause of the Gulf War Syndrome . Can anyone say neurological damage or autism? Did you know that 1 in 150 children now have autism? Ref: Page 14; does vaccination increase your risk of death and dying; Tennant/09.

So what can we realistically expect from mass swine flu vaccination? How about a high probability that 1 in 4 of those vaccinated with squalene-containing vaccines (Swine Flu Vaccines) will be permanently disabled! If we add the damage from this proposed event to the 1/150 boys that already get autism, we could effectively wipe out an entire generation of Americans. And all for the profits from something that doesn't work—vaccines.  
 And before you start feeding Tamiflu to your children, be sure to read about it in the referenced article

This is just a brief overview of some of the dangers and failure of vaccines, and is intended to not only give you a basic understanding of the "other side" of the vaccine issue, but to "stimulate" you to go forward and research the truth of vaccines for yourself. I do understand that you are afraid of this thing known as the swine flu, and I encourage you to make decisions for your family based on information, not fear. You will also read in the referenced articles, tips about avoiding and treating the flu. Additionally in the next week I will also send another newsletter expanding these tips.

Since most of the individuals on this newsletter list are in Texas, I will also mention that vaccines are "optional" under Texas law. Any parent may opt out of vaccines for their children for reasons of religion or conscience, and it is a simple process. If you cannot locate information on this you are welcome to contact me for more information.
I will leave you with a closing thought: A valid consideration for Christians is "what does the Bible say about infectious disease"? Does anyone read anywhere that God commanded the injection of disease constituents (vaccines)? Does He not in fact prescribe "quarantine" and good sanitary practices instead?

Could it be that even Christians have been lured into following man's "science", reduced to mere Sheople, following submissively along without questioning the scriptural validity of what we are submitting to?
I think so…….

(President of the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners (WONMP).

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