I had taken tetrycycline for acne rosecea for 27 years, and that after finally trying it for shingles for about 2 months, …and then being taken off of quinaglute for irregular heart beat, I also went off of tetrycycline to see if by chance my rosecea might have gone away, like maybe I had ” outgrown it ” and now today is the 428 th day without tetrycycline and I do all the things that was disallowed when I had rosecea, like avoidance of the Vegas summer sun, alcohol, spices, coffee etc. I now enjoy them all and show not even the slightest symptoms of it returning. I have had so many write me with Rosecea and wanting to know if I was for real etc. and so I have tried to answer somewhere under 100 inquiries and cannot keep up with them all.Robert in Nevada