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The Healing Power of Oxygen

by: Hesh Goldstein

(NaturalNews) There is no more precious element on the face of the earth more essential to life itself than oxygen.


In addition to being the third most abundant element found in the sun and making up 20% of the earth's atmosphere, oxygen plays a critical role in the carbon-nitrogen cycle, which is said to give the sun and stars their energy, and it comprises 65% of our body.

We know, that through fasting, we can live a few days without water and a few weeks without food, but only a few minutes without oxygen.

Because all the functions in our body are regulated by oxygen it must be replaced endlessly because 90% of our life energy depends upon it.

Our cells are energized by oxygen for regeneration and oxygen is required for food motabilization and the elimination of toxins and waste through the process of oxidation.

The computers in our heads, called a brain, need oxygen continually to process information and for our organs to function efficiently they need tons of oxygen. Basically, what we take for granted like thinking, moving, eating, sleeping, feeling and talking are entirely dependant on oxygen for the energy to facilitate those processes.

In fact, oxygen is the only element that is capable of combining with just about every other element to basically build and maintain our bodies. For example, to form proteins we combine oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen. To form carbohydrates we combine oxygen, carbon and hydrogen and to form water we combine oxygen and hydrogen.

To put it another way, without oxygen there would be no life.

Because of the industrial revolution, technological advancements and modern transportation, oxygen in most parts of the world is steadily decreasing. We are obsessed with carbon-based fuels to power engines and generators and this uses huge amounts of oxygen on a daily basis. Add to that our rapid deforestation to produce wood and paper well beyond our production capacity and it's oxygen that takes the hit.

What has been found is that the oxygen content in our atmosphere is being reduced by about 0.8% every 15 years. Because our bodies are not designed for low-level oxygen consumption, we open the door for our bodies to take on more and more toxins that accumulate in our cells, bloodstreams, tissues and organs.

With global warming so prominent and on everyone's mind about the oxygen content in our atmosphere being reduced, it would be well to know that if our oxygen level reaches 6%, we die.

Oxygen, being one of five elements to sustain life, has been used in a myriad of ways to heal. It is used to treat the sick and injured, it treats bone infections, wounds, carbon-monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness and now the sports field has opened its eyes to increasing oxygen levels to treat athletes.

If we adhere to eating poorly or abuse our bodies by excess drinking or smoking or doing drugs, both recreational and medicinal, and fail to recognize the importance of exercise, this has a ripple effect to our immune system, which becomes weakened and causes us to be prone to sickness and disease.

Adding insult to injury, low oxygen levels are not good because they affect our cell's metabolism, which brings about more adverse health problems like lack of vitality and stamina, resulting in endless fatigue and a generally weak disposition.

Other factors can reduce our oxygen levels as well. There's toxic stress as a result of toxic chemicals and air pollution becoming more prevalent and our increased use of antibiotics. Emotional stress produces adrenaline and adrenal-related hormones, which in turn use more oxygen. Physical traumas reduce circulation and oxygen supply to the cells and tissues of the body. And then, infections deplete our store of oxygen to fight bacteria and viruses and then we turn to frequent drug use to solve the problem, but the drugs wind up using our cellular oxygen levels as well.

Problems like Candida and fungal infections are easily reversed through increasing oxygen levels in the cells. So, reversing the shortage of oxygen in the body is your starting point to rebuilding and strengthening your immune system.

Oxygen deficiency presents itself in many ways – cancer, leukemia, AIDS, seizures and nerve deterioration to name a few. Bear in mind that cancer cells cannot live in an aerobic or oxygenated environment and it is your increased oxygen levels that keep illness at bay.

If you feel weak, are easily fatigued, have poor circulation and digestion, muscle aches or dizziness, are moody, have a poor memory, behave irrationally, are easily irritable, have an acid stomach or bronchial problems, you most likely suffer from depleted oxygen levels.

When your immune system is compromised by a lack of oxygen, you are more susceptible to bacterial, viral, other infections, colds and flu. As previously stated, oxygen-deficient blood presents itself with a variety of metabolic disorders, most recognizable by excess uric acid, putting your body in an acidic rather than an alkaline environment. Oh yeah, oxygen will protect you against unfriendly bacteria and toxins and will carry them out of your system.

There are a variety of forms of oxygen therapy. Some expensive, some reasonable.

Bottled oxygen, which is usually an inhalation therapy geared to serious bronchial and other respiratory problems, is costly and inconvenient.

Ozone (O3) therapy is generally given up the butt (ugh!) or intravenously (ouch!) is primarily used to increase blood oxygenation, circulation, immunity, and to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. The problem? It's a hassle, inconvenient, unstable and can be toxic if not administered properly

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) therapy is somewhat controversial because it might cause an adverse reaction in the digestive tract due to the fact that excess hydrogen causes an unbalanced pH and can bring about unwanted free radicals.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing oxygen in a pressurized chamber, saturating the cells and tissues with oxygen. It's great if you're a diver and have to overcome decompression sickness.

Breathing exercises will increase lung capacity. Regular exercise, hatha yoga classes and martial arts are great for deep diaphragmatic and controlled breathing.

Organic sulfur crystals are the easiest, least inconvenient, and work the best. Bear in mind that all commercial MSM products do not work. They start as a crystal, are turned into powder, losing 85% of their effectiveness, and when the synthetic binding and anti-caking agents are added, it becomes useless.

One final word: during the day the body loses approximately three quarts of water through breathing, sweating and elimination. If you work out heavily on a hot day, you can lose three quarts of water in an hour. If you do not replace the water lost, hello muscle cramps, dehydration or heat stroke.

The rule of thumb: one half of your body weight in fluid ounces – you weigh 150 pounds X ? = 75 ounces or at least ? gallon a day.

Oh yeah, one more thing – liquid means good unfluoridated water, not coffee, tea, alcohol, fruit juices or sport drinks loaded with sugar.

It is the water and the water only that keeps your skin moist and supple and acts as a natural lubricant for your joints and internal organs.

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