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The HPV Vaccine – What Do You Really Know About It?

by: Rosemary Mathis, Vice President of Victim Support, SANE VAX, INC.

(NaturalNews) If you are considering vaccinating your child with an HPV vaccine, what information have you read, and what questions have you asked?What do you KNOW about the human papillomaviruses (HPV) which the medical profession says causes cervical cancer?

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If you are going to vaccinate your child on the word of the medical profession, and don't want any further information, then stop right here. But be aware that ignorance is not bliss. And that the medical system has deliberately not told you everything you need to know about either the viruses, or the vaccine.

If you want to take responsibility for your own decisions, rather than hand over responsibility to the medical profession, then you might be interested in some of the following questions and answers, which deserve truthful answers that the vaccine industry doesn't want to give you:

Question: Publicity for Gardasil says that girls should have this HPV vaccine before sexual intercourse, because they don't catch this virus until they are sexually active. Is this correct?

No, this is not correct. Over the last 20 years, the medical profession has documented that human papillomaviruses can be transmitted during pregnancy, after pregnancy, from child to child, and adult to child.

Question: Why then are we told that these human papillomaviruses can only be contracted after sex?

Because adolescents are the market Merck was targeting, and to admit that the viruses can be acquired naturally before sex, doesn't suit Merck. The medical literature for the last 20 years has also stated that to ignore the fact that HPV viruses can cause silent infection at any age 'has implications for any vaccination programme,' though those 'implications' have never been spelled out. However, they expect parents to naively believe that intelligent human papillomaviruses know they aren't allowed to let themselves loose, until the first act of sexual intercourse. And for some reason, most parents believe this sort of nonsense statement.

Question: Are these viruses implicated in cervical cancers, and other cancers?

Yes they are – but primarily in people, whose innate immune system is struggling because they eat rubbish, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, don't get enough sleep, and burn the candle at 12 ends. Much more than a virus is required for a woman to get cervical cancer.

Question: Doesn't everyone get human papillomavirus infections?

Yes. Not only has 'everyone' but just about any species that breathes gets papillomavirus infections – even lizards. The medical literature shows that a good diet, correct mineral and vitamin intake, and living a healthy lifestyle, normally results in the recipient throwing off HP infections easier than a cold, and all they have to show for it, is lifelong natural immunity. Healthy lifestyles don't fill Big Pharma bank balances, so you won't be told about that.

Question: But I've been told this vaccine is so important! Is that wrong

This vaccine is very important for Merck's accountants – vitally important. It's 'the' product that is supposed to dig Merck out of its current financial woes.

But is it important for your child? No. The cervical smear programme stopped people dying of cervical cancer long before 'fear-no-longer' Gardasil came along. And because the vaccine only covers two types out of at least 20 supposedly carcinogenic HP virus types (amongst at least 300 different strains), people who have cancer phobia will still want to have smears anyway. Today, 90% of all deaths from cervical cancer occur in the third world countries which don't have such a programme, or the ability to deal with abnormal smears even if they had a smear programme. The primary drivers of cervical cancer in third world countries are chronic malnutrition, and fundamentally atrocious living conditions, which happens to create the most susceptible population with the least resources.

Question: So why have I been recommended to inject my child with three Gardasil vaccines?

Because if a vaccine is available the medical system tries to scare everyone into using it. After all, it's much easier to 'believe' their assumption that antibodies from Gardasil will still be around 40 years from now. It's much easier not to have to pay attention to diet, and all the other things which would make sure most people never got cancer in the first place.
But the bottom line is that Merck developed Gardasil in the hope that it would be a 'block-buster' vaccine which would help pay for all the litigation Merck faces as the result of another Merck drug, called Vioxx, which maimed and killed lots of people, whose families then turned around and sued Merck for millions of dollars.

Obviously, Merck isn't going to make any money from the third world -the countries that really need it, according to Dr Frazer who co-patented the vaccine. So Merck decided to target all the rich countries that do not need Gardasil. By charging wealthy countries lots of money, then maybe someday about forty years from now…, they might get around to providing it to people in the third world, if they are still around. Which is a bit farcical, when in those countries, what the people could really do with, is decent food, clean water, getting rid of nepotistic dictators and warring tribes, being provided with basic healthcare, and the means of growing their own food… but all that's much too hard. Particularly when Merck's main aim is making money and staying in business.

Question: What is in Gardasil?

According to the data sheet, the vaccine supposedly contains 'no viral DNA1' and each 0.5 mL dose of the vaccine contains:
20 mcg of HPV 6 L1 protein
40 mcg of HPV 11 L1 protein
40 mcg of HPV 16 L1 protein
20 mcg of HPV 18 L1 protein
225 mcg aluminum (as amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate adjuvant2)

9.56 mg of sodium chloride
0.78 mg of L-histidine
50 mcg of polysorbate 80 (shown to induce infertility in mice, which is why it's the main ingredient in depo-provera, and which also makes the brain blood barrier easier to penetrate)
35 mcg of sodium borate
water for injection

Question: What do you mean,'Supposedly'?

Contrary to the manufacturers' documents, the vaccine does actually contain Viral DNA. According to documents filed with Medsafe New Zealand, each vaccine also has a much higher amount of HPV protein than stated on the product insert, in order to ensure that as the vaccine degrades over time, at the END of the shelf life, the vaccine will actually contain the stated dose on the vial.

Question: What do you mean, this vaccine has recombinant HPV viral DNA! What is recombinant HPV viral DNA?

This is where small lengths of genes from two different sources, are combined to make a single recombined length of genes which will perform a specific function.

Question: The New Zealand Government, the manufacturers and all the health authorities not only assured us that there is no DNA, but they say SANE Vax Inc.'s allegations of contamination with DNA are a load of smelly porkies! Explain yourself please?

No-one from the Government, FDA, EMA, or Health Departments have at any time, asked to see the test results of the vaccine, which SANE Vax Inc. commissioned. So, on what basis do they think that the test results are incorrect?

Gardasil was made by taking a DNA sequence (which makes the virus "envelope") from different types of papillomaviruses found in cancerous cervical cells. This viral genetic sequence was then spliced into a plasmid 3 – a circular piece of bacterial DNA (which helps divide the bacterial chromosomes) and allows the HPV DNA to be cloned into yeast. Plasmid DNA also encourages quick manufacture of the 'balls,' by the HPV genes. The genetically engineered mix then makes lots of little empty balls, or 'virus like particles' as seen in photo4 of the Gardasil vaccine.

Then according to Merck's patent5, they have a highly sophisticated process which is supposed to filter out and remove 'contaminating biomolecules, including DNA, lipids and proteins.'
What the test results found, was that some recombinant DNA sequences originating from different types of the virus DNA used to make the vaccine, are still in the vaccine.

Question: What are all those other bits in that photo?

Aluminium, and presumably more mashed up virus like particles. But according to the tests commissioned by SANE Vax Inc., viral DNA used to make those little balls and mashed up pieces, are not removed from Gardasil.
Question: But FDA says that these recombinant DNA are "expected" when using this process. Isn't that true?

No. If those DNA fragments were "expected" components of Gardasil, they would have been listed in the ingredients of the vaccine, and documentation should exist showing why they are a safe and 'essential' ingredient in the vaccine.

Question: How does this fancy patented purification process tell the difference between culture medium DNA, yeast DNA and HPV DNA?
You tell me and we'll both know.

Question: If SANE-vax's tests ARE actually correct, why did a purification process which is supposed to remove DNA lipids, proteins, and biomolecules not work?

I think Merck would like to know the answer to that as well. In the meantime, FDA are covering Merck's butt for them.

Question: But isn't there a final product purity test for Gardasil?
In New Zealand, according to paper work submitted to Medsafe, there are no final purity tests, because Merck believes their filtration process is good enough without them.

Question: But aren't there filtration tests designed to make sure the process is good enough?

According to paper work submitted to Medsafe, there are no filtration "adequacy" tests because Merck believes their process is good enough without them.

Question: Isn't Gardasil made the same way as the Hepatitis B vaccine?

Yes, and according to FDA6 documentation, "Assays for cesium, polysaccharides, DNA, pyrogens and sterility are performed" on the Hepatitis B bulk product. You'd think the same would be done for Gardasil, wouldn't you?

Question: Does the Hepatitis B vaccine also contain genetically engineered, recombinant DNA?

It would appear that the Hepatitis B vaccine could ALSO contain a similar kind of genetically manipulated DNA (in spite of tests to ensure DNA removal). Such recombinant DNA in the Hepatitis B vaccines is also not mentioned in its data sheet or constituent list.

FDA, in its reply to SANE Vax Inc., intimated that Hepatitis B vaccine also contains recombinant DNA, and that such unstated DNA was quite "acceptable". So they are covering Merck's butt for that as well.

Question: FDA says these particles are no big deal because they can't cause infection. Is that true?

No it's not. The point of a vaccine is to form antibodies to various substances called "antigens" in the vaccine. DNA doesn't have to cause infection to spell trouble. Because the recombinant DNA is tightly bound to the aluminium, the aluminium turns the DNA into an 'antigen,' something the immune system has to react to. But an abnormal immune response, especially to an aluminium-bound DNA, could result in antibodies which cross react and turn against healthy DNA. That could cause autoimmune disease, brain inflammation, joint inflammation, and major disruption to energy pathways, hormone functions and a vast array of other biological pathways, which normally keep an adolescent healthy, physically and mentally.

Question: But FDA says that Gardasil is very safe and doesn't cause anything more than a sore arm. Isn't that true?

No. America's FDA and all medical authorities say that all vaccines are safe apart from sore arms, and that everything else that happens after a vaccine is a coincidence…, and anyone who says otherwise, needs their head looked at.

FDA monitors all vaccines by using a system called VAERS, short for the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which is known to only collect 10% of reactions at most, and reporting is voluntary, not mandatory. On the one hand, they 'consult' this system, but on the other, they consider that all reactions sent to this system have nothing to do with the vaccine at all. So in terms of a monitoring system, they might as well not have one at all. In fact, they might as well do away with it altogether, since to them, the fact that Gardasil reports comprise 20% of all reported reactions appears to them to be some fabricated nuisance. It doesn't seem to occur to the FDA, that perhaps there is something badly wrong with this 'lovely safe' vaccine, which their crystal ball says will prevent your child from having cervical cancer, by the (average) age of 54.

Question: Are you telling me, I shouldn't trust the FDA, health authorities and governmental agencies?

Why would you want to trust anyone who tells you something ludicrous like, "Human papillomaviruses have a label on their foreheads saying 'No entry until sex'" when that is patently, proveably untrue? If FDA can spread such ridiculous comments world-wide, without corrective advice from the scientists who know that isn't true, why would the FDA (or silent scientists) bother with the'truth' when it came to anything else?

Question: So what do I do now?

I don't know. It's your choice. You could vaccinate your child, and see what happens. Does that sound like a good idea? If it doesn't, you better tell your child, because in some countries, they can be vaccinated without your consent!

By Hilary Butler, Contributing Author SANE Vax Inc.


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