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The Rising Tide of Autism

by: Craig Stellpflug

(NaturalNews) Autism was once thought to be a psychological disorder because of the lack of eye contact that is hallmark in the child with autism. But autism cannot be treated and cured with psycho-therapy or psychotropic drugs.

Vaccine Protocol

Autism is not a medical disorder that can be diagnosed with an X-ray or MRI and then cured with drugs or surgery. A lack of drugs is not the cause of autism! On the contrary, too much pharmaceutical intervention has been implicated as one of the multifactorial causes of autism. Autism is actually a neurodevelopment disorder according the University of California, San Francisco, Berkeley and others.

The rising tide
In 1980 there were 1 in 1,000 children with autism; measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines were administered separately for a number of years prior to 1980 with only slight increases in the incidence of child autism. That is until the introduction of the MMR vaccine in 1979. Following the start of this triple vaccine, the incidence of childhood autism showed a sharp and dramatic increase . This increase has in recent times blossomed into full-scale epidemic proportions. And we are asleep at the switch.

While better diagnostic criteria and abilities may account for some of the rise in numbers through today, the real numbers could be way higher than reported by the CDC. On closer scrutiny of the latest CDC document, the current extrapolation for autism numbers used 8 year old children born in the year 2,000 to raise the shocking number of 1 in 88 children's risk for autism. This is not a true reflection of what the autism rates really are and the real rate of autism will be much higher – as high as 1 in 25 according to estimates made by the Big Pharma embattled Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Losing ground
The core reason the numbers for autism are so high is that we just keep stacking more and more needless vaccines on our kids. A mere two years ago the good-old-USA was number 34 in the world for infant mortality according to the CIA World Fact Book. This means that there were 33 other countries like Cuba, Hungary and Croatia that had lower infant death rates than the USA. But a glance at the current numbers shows that we have now fallen to number 48. We fell behind 14 more countries for infant deaths in just two years. What changed these numbers in that short time? More vaccines and more pharmaceuticals for the very young and their parents too…

Generation Rescue survey of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated boys:

    Vaccinated boys were 185% more likely to have a neurological disorder
    Vaccinated boys were 279% more likely to have ADHD
    Vaccinated boys were 146% more likely to have autism

Your part
You are the only one who can stop this madness by refusing to participate in vaccines that are cytotoxic, neurotoxic and immunotoxic (well, that's pretty much all vaccines…). Don't expect for one minute that Big Pharma is going to cut down on money-making vaccines to find out if vaccines are the cause of autism. Chemicals aside, did you know that if you are Vegan you have to refuse vaccines on the principle of human fetal cells, animal proteins and other animal products that are in all the vaccines that I know of?

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