The Best Years In Life

The Tale of Two Pancreatic Cancer Patients

by: Tony Isaacs

(NaturalNews) When actor Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he decided to follow the advice of his doctors to use chemo and starve out his cancer. He ended up dying of wasting disease. By contrast, an 80 year old man who decided to nourish his body and fight cancer naturally is robust and thriving almost three years after his diagnosis.

Rose Laurel OPC

Last year, this author wrote an article about Patrick Swayze dying after placing false hopes in chemo drugs and in the advice of his doctors to try to "starve out" his cancer.

Previously, following Swayze's Barbara Walter's special, this author had also written an article lamenting Swayze's decision to place his faith in mainstream medicine.

Both articles strongly suggested that Swayze might have been better served by trying to nourish his body and build his immune system.

Ironically, shortly after the second article was published a member of a health group centered on beating cancer naturally posted a message about her 80 year old step-father with pancreatic cancer. She said her step-father had fared very well using a natural approach and eschewing mainstream treatment. He had already lived longer than Swayze after his diagnosis, had good health, was active and was enjoying a good quality of life.

She also reported that her step-father had never had any mainstream treatment and said she was convinced that he was still alive and enjoying life because he had opted for nature instead.

"My Stepdad always asks the doctor have you found a cure and they say "NO" and he then says I am not interested. Even his doctor quietly agreed that he made the right decision. All his hospice nurses are amazed when they find out his story."

Each of the aforementioned articles resulted in considerable flack from mainstream outlets. One reputed oncologist followed the author to the CureZone forums to profess dismay for anyone daring to suggest Swayze might have been better off with natural alternatives than with the mainstream approach he took.
Immediately thereafter a rebuttal was posted which included rather graphic photographic evidence of how rapidly and drastically Swayze`s health declined after he began chemo.…

This week an update on the 80 year old survivor was posted to the Yahoo group by his step-daughter:

"My 80 year old stepdad has had pancreatic cancer for the last 3 years and is doing great! He takes plenty of Oleander (supplement) and 4 oz of colloidal silver every day until he finishes the gallon and then takes about a 2-3 week break. (He) has a bile bag because the tumor was blocking his bile duct, but now there is nothing going into the bag and all signs point to the tumor shrinking and the bile traveling the correct way through his body.

He was diagnosed almost 3 years ago with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was yellow and given only a couple of months to live. He went from 230lbs to about 135 in 5 months. Now he is around 150 and plays golf weekly."

One cannot help but notice the contrast between the healthy 80 year old and Swayze. Swayze went from a smiling robust 55 year old man to a sad shell of himself in only 18 months while the 80 year old survivor was doing well after three years, playing golf and gaining weight. Notably, Swayze died not from his cancer, but rather from wasting disease and malnourishment.

In the best natural cancer treatments, such success stories are often the rule instead of the exception. Sadly, just the opposite is often true in many mainstream cancer treatments.

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