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To Tea Party Members and American Patriots Everywhere

A friend, LB Trulove sent me an email asking me to take a look at Debra Medina’s website and to consider supporting her for Texas Governor. As a conservative Libertarian, I am very suspicious of both major parties, but am willing to look at candidates from any party who truly believe that God and the Constitution for the United States of America are the political underpinning of our Nation and adherence to anything else will lead to destruction. Ms. Medina’s website is .

Ms. Medina is on target and this is a message that must be understood as an important part of a much bigger picture. If we are to be successful in saving our great Republic, we must not allow the ignorant among us to lead us down ineffectual and virtually meaningless paths. To have any chance of accomplishing our goal of taking back our country, we must know who the enemy is and that enemy is an international money conspiracy that has been operating for a very long time to destroy America. Over many decades it has gained almost complete control of our financial and banking system, our agricultural infrastructure, our healthcare system, as well as our governmental and political system. We must also understand that this enemy controls BOTH major parties and simply pits these two against each other to create an illusion of choice and correct political function. If we do not realize this big picture, we will fail.

The greatest information obstacle to overcome is that the majority of Americans and probably most in the Tea Party included from my observations, simply do not know OR have chosen to ignore the breadth, depth, and scope of the great deception that has almost stolen our American heritage. This may be a difficult concept for most people to accept, but if we don’t, we will loose this war. As for the Tea Party, we can follow a weak, misguided and mamby-pamby politically correct leadership around in circles until there is no chance of winning this war or we can choose better leadership so that this Tea Party can have some positive influence on saving our Country by whatever means necessary and of course with peaceful means as the first option. We cannot allow this Tea Party movement, either through ignorance or through deliberate act (as some are beginning to suspect), to be made ineffective or derailed completely by wrongheaded and indecisive leadership.

I don’t claim to understand all there is to know, but I’ve been studying and watching this massive ‘conspiracy’ (Note: There is no ‘conspiracy theory’ here- it is a conspiracy to destroy America) since I was in High School. The facts are available for all and the battles began to be fought almost at this Nation’s birth. A couple of significant examples, look at some of Tom Jefferson’s quotes about banking systems and President Jackson’s battle against those systems owned by private interests.

We are either going to stand up and face the harsh, unadulterated reality of what and who we are fighting or we will loose America forever- …or at least until the Lord returns. It is time for a ‘line in the sand’ to be drawn …by peaceful pen if possible, but by sword if need be! Those of you who are ready to face reality and cross that ‘line’ to stand with those who have been fighting this war for decades, then do so; if you’re not willing or you’re afraid, then stand aside for those who have already put themselves across the line.

In Liberty or Death …and for me, death is not an option!
Ben Taylor

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