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Hi Utopia Silver,
I have had vertigo and dizziness for a month now. I think maybe related to herpes virus. I have been researching for help and know magnesium deficiency can contribute to my problem.  Does this product contain magnesium?

Lisa in Indiana

Hi Lisa,
What is your age? Vertigo is not a disease itself (as I’m sure you already know); it is the symptom of some other problem and can be caused by a number of things. If you haven’t already, it is advisable to get yourself checked by a healthcare professional. The possibilities can range from very minor to very serious. Causes of vertigo can range from aging, inner ear problems/infections, ear wax build up, allergies, neurological issues, blood pressure, poor cardio-vascular circulation, oxygen deprivation, brain tumors, diabetes, anemia, general nutritional deficiencies, and even stress. As you can see, this can be a very complex issue to deal with and should not be taken lightly.

As for the Herpes angle, I’m not sure about that one; almost all adults carry one form of the Herpes virus or another (cold sores, genital herpes, chickenpox, shingles, measles, mononecleosis, and so forth.)

If the underlying cause is not life threatening, there are some supplements that may be of benefit The Prescription For Nutritional Healing lists the folloeing as possibly being beneficial for vertigo, Colloidal Silver, Nattokinase, Vitamin B Complex, B-12, Plant Minerals, Vitamin C, Inositol, CoQ10, Zinc, Calcium & Magnesium, Melatonin, etc.

We have a very good form of most of these supplements if you determine that you need them; just do a search or call 830 966-2315.

Please let me know if you need further input. I can refer you to a retired MD, now a consulting naturopath, if you need further professional input.

You are appreciated in Utopia.
Ben in Utopia


Hi Ben,
I am 47.  Oh I didn't underestimate this condition at all I was trying to research all angles of treatment.  I have already seen an neurologist who specializes in the ear and nervous system.  They thought first that it was dislodged crystals in inner ear and gave me a treatment to try to help but did not help and got worse.  So I have undergone balance and nerve testing to try to find out more   I found by researching that vertigo might be caused by a virus on the vestibular nerve in inner ear called vestibular neuritis mostly found to be caused from the herpes virus family associated with the mouth sores as that virus settles in the nervous system.  I am hoping that is all this is and I can get over this.  I have no hearing loss so hopefully this is not Menieres Disease.  I had already undergone an MRI and Cat Scan with the first occurance with good results.  I am doing much better after over three weeks now but not completely over this.  I was reading information on Natural News from Mike Adams when I found your site.  I don't like to take prescriptions unless emergency and always looking for nutritional changes that might help and was wondering about magnesium deficiency.  Vertigo is very scary and I am just trying to research all I can.  I just wondered if you have ever had anyone else contact you about this and if they found any supplement helpful.  I have also heard that coconut oil has been found to kill the virus.  I have some from Tropical Traditions and am trying that too.  I was trying to find the best overall mineral supplement.

God Bless,


Hi again Lisa,
If it is caused by a virus, silver may be one of the better options. You may not only want to take it orally, but also flush your ear with it, massaging near the juncture of the base of your ear and jaw. The Herpes cause is an interesting possibility in that the Herpes virus 'hibernates' in the jaw joint and travels the nerves to the lips when eruptions are triggered.

Coconut oil does have very good anti-viral properties, but I don't think anything rivals silver in that department. Tropical Traditions is a very good brand; that's what I use.

If you don't get relief soon, let me know and I'll give you the number of a Naturopathic doctor (MD) who was a ER surgeon for 30 years. He does health consulting for a living now, but is very good and has very reasonable consultation rates.

As far an overall Mineral supplement, the best is 75 Colloidal Minerals (plant derived minerals) and a very good (for the price) multivitamin/herbal/mineral complex is Complete Nutrition.

Let me know if we can be of further assistance.



Thank you again for taking the time to try and help me with this.  I have ordered the product you suggested.  I was taking a mineral pill supplement from a business called woman to woman but know it cannot be any comparison to this product and I wasn't good at taking it daily either. I am still waiting on test results as I was suppose to get them today.  I worry that so many contaminants in the air and food supply now causes so many problems; chem trails, gm foods, etc.  I would be interested in getting the information about the doctor you are suggesting.  I am feeling better but just still can't get over this.

Thank you very much.


Hi Lisa,
You are so right.
I decided to order a Nebulizer for my 91 year old Dad and will be carrying them soon on our website. The nebulizer can be used with colloidal silver, Himalayan saline solution and such lung cleansers as lobelia.


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