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Vitamin C Mega Dosing – Big Pharma Suppresses Powerful Cure

by: Paul Fassa

(NaturalNews) A recently publicized dramatic recovery from virtual death using IV high dose vitamin C created a strong impression in New Zealand and Australia. The highly publicized event down under brought to light a marginalized existing therapy that is inexpensive, safe, and effective.


Despite the abundance of stubborn medical naysayers, there is a growing group of MDs who are practicing orthomolecular medicine and psychiatry. Orthomolecular medicine and psychiatry specialize in mega-dose supplementation for a variety of conditions.

Alan Smith: Rescued from Death by Vitamin C

This story was featured in New Zealand/Australia TV`s version of "60 Minutes". Alan Smith was lying near death in a coma and on life support in a New Zealand hospital with complications from last year`s Swine Flu. The doctors had decided to pull the plug on his life support system since there was no hope for Alan`s survival. Alan`s family disagreed and insisted on the hospital`s administering IV high dose vitamin C as a last resort.

Despite having nothing to lose with a hopeless patient for whom they were about to take off life support, every hospital MD refused to administer IV mega dose C. The family had to enlist an attorney to coerce the hospital into following their request. It took several weeks of urging and referrals for available practitioners from American MD Thomas Levy before vitamin C therapy was reluctantly administered.

After 13 days of mega dose IV vitamin C administration, Alan Smith walked out of the hospital. He had been in a coma for nine weeks! The scurvy condition that exacerbated his Swine Flu may have been part of his leukemia. Less publicized but even more impressive is that he is now leukemia-free a year after his coma recovery.

Mega dose IV vitamin C has been used to cure cancer before, although the orthomolecular physicians prefer to keep a low profile about this. They prefer to promote it as a useful adjunct to other forms of cancer treatments. This appears to be partly a strategy for keeping the Medical Mafia off their backs.

Beyond Anecdotal

Mainstream medicine tends to dismiss this type of incident as anecdotal. But orthodox medicine also dismisses reams of research papers and case studies of other successful vitamin C recovery cases from orthomolecular physicians. Instead, medical profession authorities focus on poorly conducted or biased studies by mainstream institutions.

Dr. Levy is among several doctors in the USA and Australia who have used IV high dose vitamin C to cure extreme cases of infectious disease in thousands of cases. And there are cancer cases that have benefited as well. Thousands of successful orthomolecular case studies exist, yet the Medical Mafia claims there is no documentation proving vitamin C`s efficacy.

Important Caveats

The mega doses of vitamin C are well beyond bowel tolerance of ingested vitamin C. So they have to be administered by IV to bypass the digestive system. The resultant high blood levels of vitamin C flips this antioxidant into an oxidizing mode. Cellular oxidation eliminates bacteria, viruses, and even cancer cells.

Dr. Riordon`s protocol requires a check for G6PD enzyme deficiencies. Though this deficiency is very rare, ensuring it`s not there is important. This enzyme is needed to maintain membrane blood cell integrity. If lacking, the high oxidation from mega dose C can cause hemolysis, which ruptures blood cells and empties their contents.

It is also important to maintain sufficient blood levels of copper while mega dosing IV vitamin C. Mega doses of IV Vitamin C depletes this mineral, which may lead to serious complications for someone already in bad shape.

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