Natural Remedies


• Apply vitamin E oil to the surrounding skin, then crush a clove of raw garlic, place it on the wart, and cover it with an adhesive bandage. The raw garlic causes a blister to form, and the wart generally falls off within a week. Apply colloidal silver to the area to help it heal.

• Colloidal Silver. Some if not all warts are believed to be caused by a virus and applying a band-aid kept wet with silver has been known to get rid of it within days.

• Chop one raw onion in a dish, cover with salt and leave overnight. Apply the resulting juice to the warts twice a day, until warts disappear.

• Cut fresh pineapple into thin slices. Apply to warts several times a day until they are gone.

• Fig sap. Apply the white milky juice exuding from the stems of figs and fig leaves.

• Gently rub the wart with your finger for 15 seconds at the same time each day. Rubbing the wart stimulates blood flow to the area and prompts your immune system to fight the wart virus. Doing this at the same time every day trains your immune system to kick in on its own.

• Potassium and apple cider vinegar. Some believe that the best treatment for warts is prevention, and that warts are sometimes a sign of potassium deficiency. Apple cider vinegar is high in potassium, as are bananas.


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