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Water Storage

We are planning on storing water in 5 gal bottles for long periods of time. I want to add colloidal silver to the bottles to keep bacteria from growing. How much should I add?

Glenn in Washington

Hi Glenn,
It is hard to say; you may need to try a jug for some period of time prior to actually needing to store it to be sure. I would try ¼  to ½ ounce of the ionic silver per 5 gallons of water. The particle silver tends to ‘fallout’ after a few days in tap and/or chlorinated water. Distilled water is generally not a problem and is why we use it to produce our nano-particle colloidal silver. In addition I would use the time tested technique of placing a small piece of silver (1-3 inches of .9999 wire) in each jug of water. It will give time released silver ions that may outlasted already made colloidal silver. We have pure silver wire available by the inch.

Ben in Utopia.

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