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What Is Killing American Babies?

by: Dr. Renee Tocco

Thanks to very ambitious pharmaceutical companies, with the help of pediatricians, the American government and schools across the country, the USA has produced the most highly vaccinated infants in the world. We give American babies up to three times the vaccines as other first-world countries. While we have earned a “blue ribbon” for our vaccine rates, we are close to earning the “booby prize” in another category that should devastate every parent in the country. Since implementation of the CDC mass vaccine program we have gone from about 2-3 to about 41-42 on the international infant mortality list. Yes, this means that a high rate of American infants never live to see toddler hood.

Only one major country has a higher infant death rate than the USA. What a disgrace. This alone should be enough to replace blind trust with severe doubt as we consider the health recommendations of our government and medical establishments. According to “experts” like Paul Offit, vaccines reduce the rate of all the “prevalent” infectious diseases… diseases that, according to them are often deadly. The question that remains unanswered is, “What is killing American infants to the degree that the USA is now in one of the worst positions on the infant mortality list?” Why hasn’t the CDC vaccine program given the USA the lowest infant mortality rate?

Of even greater prevalence than infant mortality, American has another major crisis brewing. When will society experience the well-deserved panic over our soaring autism rates? A study released in December 2009 by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that autism prevalence has increased from the 1994 rate of 1 in 150 to 1 in 110 for children born in 1998. This is a staggering 57% increase in just four years. More children are diagnosed with autism than cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined. It is indeed the greatest pediatric healthcare concern of the times.

Dr. Boyd Haley, emeritus professor at University of Kentucky, was one of the first to propose that the organic-mercury compound, thimerosal, in vaccines was the most likely toxic agent involved in Gulf War Syndrome and autism. His comments bring truth to the topic. “The government and medical community are comfortable to calmly say, "The cause of autism is unknown", and the only thing they really know is that thimerosal in vaccines CERTAINLY isn't the cause. To ease parent's concerns and ensure them that thimerosal does not cause autism, the media constantly reports that the autism rate continues to increase even though thimerosal has been ‘removed’ from infant vaccines.

Yet everyone fails to mention to American parents that the latest reported CDC autism rate data was on children vaccinated in 1996, three years before the recommendation to remove thimerosal was even mentioned. This represents exceptionally poor journalism, or journalism being based on an agenda that precludes honest reporting.”

Yes, more questions than answers exist. But it is due time that we demand an answer from health care officials to the important question… What is killing American babies?

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