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Why the Amish Are Healthier Than Most Americans

by: Paul Fassa

(NaturalNews) The Amish communities offer a model for truly healthy stress free living from which we can learn. Most Americans mock their outward lifestyle while ignoring the essence of their traditions. Yet, they are much healthier as a group than the rest of modern American society.


Vaccination Controversy

If you do a Google search, you will find a lot of contradictory articles on whether or not the Amish submit to vaccinations. Vaccinating infants would be difficult since Amish newborns are usually delivered in their homes, usually assisted by midwives. Multiple Hepatitis B vaccinations are started with newborns in the hospitals soon after they're delivered.

Multiple Hep-B vaccinations are pushed ostensibly to protect newborns from a liver disease that is transmitted sexually or by needles among drug users. Even if Hep-B vaccinations worked, they would be totally useless for infants unless their mothers are in this risk population. This vaccine and others in the onslaught of toxic vaccinations among infants are associated with the surging rise in autism and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Around 1995, Dan Olmstead, editor of the website Age of Autism, investigated the heavily Amish populated area of Pennsylvania and found just three cases of autism. One was with a Chinese child who had received several vaccinations prior to being adopted by an Amish family. The other was a rare case of an Amish family succumbing to mainstream propaganda and medical pressure for vaccinating their child. That child became autistic soon after. Olmstead could not find any background on the third case.

But if the ratio of national autism statistics were duplicated in these Amish communities, there should have been around 200 cases of autism, not just three. Mainstream medicine claims this is due to genetics. Despite contrary rumors, many agree that hardly any vaccinations are administered in Amish regions.

The Polio Incident

In 2005, a bogus polio outbreak among the Amish was heavily reported by the mainstream media (MSM). Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and others thoroughly debunked this so-called outbreak. There were four children whose stools had a trace of polio virus. They were not suffering from any paralysis. The polio virus strain was not wild. It actually came from an oral polio vaccine (OPV).

So it was not even a polio breakout. The extremely young children, one was seven months old, had no serious polio symptoms. But how did they ingest OPVs? Though OPVs continued to be administered in developing countries and caused polio, they were dropped out of use in the USA around 2000. The 2005 incident did get enough MSM coverage to create a scare. Was this part of an agenda to scare the Amish into rushing for vaccinations?

Other Amish Health Factors

The Amish tradition of no cars or TVs is too difficult for most of us now. Even growing our own food is not practical – yet! But this is the essential Amish model. They don't eat junk food. They don't drink alcohol or smoke. Pharmaceuticals and vaccinations are almost non-existent. They produce their own raw milk and dairy and grow their own organic produce.

They also engage in physical labor and walk a lot. As a result, they barely have any cases of heart problems or diabetes, and practically no obesity issues. Their cancer rate is an amazing 72% lower than the national norm.

The Amish sense of egalitarian community and cooperation precludes competition and economic status. Everyone pitches in when needed, even for building homes and barns. As things get worse, we may need to gradually shift into the basic Amish model for a stress free healthy existence.

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