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Why The U.S. Government Continually Ignores The Constitution

by: Richard Stossel

(NaturalNews) Why does the U.S. Government feel that they can routinely ignore, circumvent and break the common laws of the land encapsulated by the Constitution? This is a complex issue outside the ability to fully explain in one short article. However, the main crux of this issue has to do with the application of maritime law over common law.


What is maritime law? It short, maritime law is the law of commerce on the high seas during a time of peace, while Admiralty law is the law of commerce on the high seas during a time of war or emergency. Such laws were created centuries ago to govern trade between nations. These laws also involved the exchange of promissory notes or bills of exchange. These eventually became today's paper money.

When the British lost the war for American independence, they did not give up trying to get their former colonies back under imperial control. When they could not do this militarily, they opted for a tried and true method, economic warfare.

This economic warfare took the form of using a little known loophole in the U.S. Constitution via the "commerce clause" to trick American free sovereigns into becoming corporate slaves and property of the corporate United States.

This loophole allowed the creation of a second United States. The first was originally founded under common law, and the second United States (a corporate UNITED STATES Inc.) was created to govern commerce between states and nations. This is authorized via the "Commerce Clause" in Article I, section 8, clause 3.

How Americans Have Been Deceived?

The 14th Amendment, aka, "the slavery amendment," only gave the citizens "privileges and immunities" NOT RIGHTS! It further claimed that all citizens born or naturalized via the 14th amendment are under maritime jurisdiction and are thus viewed as a corporate maritime product.

Americans were deceived into being bound by the 14th amendment (a corporation and vessel in the sea of commerce) through scores of unrevealed contracts such as driver's, hunting and marriage licenses, social security, voter and jury registration, etc. These documents are all legal contracts as well as unrevealed contracts that can and too often do force your compliance under penalty of law!

Since the Federal United States corporation is charged with governing all commerce between states and nations, it is argued that you, because you are now also considered a legal corporation via the 14th amendment and your ALL CAPS name on your birth certificate, are now engaged in commerce in everything you do.

When you are at work earning money, when you drive your car down the road (your car is insured which makes it a vehicle), when you purchase anything and even when you use the toilet (believe it or not), you are engaging in commerce in one form or another and thus fall under the control of the government.

It is through these legal tricks and unrevealed contracts that the federal government is taking more and more control over the lives of the American people, and this is why tyranny is on the rise. The recent Rawsome food raids are just one example. (…)

Unless we free ourselves from this corrupt corporate maritime system and get back under the true freedoms given by the U.S. Constitution, we are nothing more than a commercial product to be used and abused at the will of the Federal Corporate United States.

This is, in short, why the U.S. government continues to ignore the Constitution. There is much more you need to know. Sources below will help you to learn more.

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