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You Don’t Have To DIE-abetes

by: Christohper C. Barr

This is the 2nd anniversary of the Crusador interview on the subject of the essential mineral Chromium. So very many now know for themselves the magnificent macropower of this mighty micro nutrient. The numbers of people experiencing the benefits continue to increase as their high blood sugars and high cholesterols decrease and HDL levels increase.


This year is a GOLDEN opportunity as this summer is the 50th anniversary of the initial discovery by National Institute of Health researchers of this key element now well proven due to its application by ever growing numbers of individuals. This information about chromium originally was tossed into the back seat of our health care delivery system, shortly thereafter into the trunk, and then discarded by the side of the road to health. This is a good time to revisit this subject matter with a little more detail that may have been too much at the time of the original interview.
“The proof is in the eating” is an old expression and people are now proving to themselves the benefits of the right form and right amount of chromium. The right form is that which is grown and the right amount is 100 micrograms taken three times daily. Results from this well-established protocol are easily documentable medically and scientifically in days for some, in weeks for many, and in three months for others by way of A1C and cholesterol testing..
Still, a very small number do not receive the results that most others do. This brings us back to the proof of the matter being in the eating. The original interview noted that a gross deficiency of chromium is the primary cause of diabetes. Note that is the ‘primary’ cause which means there are other aspects and those other aspects are of greater bearing to some than to others – the sum of those some being not very many.
The same dietary of refined, bleached white flour (that recent government figures reveal makes up 20 per cent of the average American dietary) from which chromium is more than 90 per cent removed also has other nutrients removed that play assorted roles for the diabetic. Magnesium and the vitamin called B6 work together to assist insulin in sugar metabolism. This was addressed very well by Dr. John M. Ellis, M.D. almost 40 years ago. This role is a different one than that chromium plays as a co-factor with insulin and admittedly a lesser role though still important. Magnesium is removed more than 75 per cent from refined, bleached white flour and B6 more than 50 per cent.
Zinc is also an essential mineral element with regard to the synthesis and operation of insulin though again in a different and lesser role than that of chromium. About 50 per cent of zinc is removed during the refining of bleached, white flour.
Silicon (or silica) is essential for heart and blood vessels and to some degree for immune system which both are areas of weakness for the diabetic. Silicon is removed at an enormous 95 per cent rate during the refining of bleached, white flour.
Finally, selenium is also essential for heart health and to an ever greater degree for immune strength that again are both areas of weakness for the diabetic. The removal of selenium from refined, bleached white flour is at a rate greater than 90 per cent.
In truth, all diabetics suffer from these other nutrient deficiencies though the strength of the right kind of chromium in the right amount almost always makes a significant difference without addressing these items. Yet, diabetics would be well served to also address these nutrient issues but too often these issues are not addressed. In the very few individuals that I have known or worked with through four decades that did not have significant results with only 100 per cent whole food chromium they were able to achieve success when they addressed the other real and actual nutritional needs noted above — to which all diabetics should attend anyway.
Each of those few without significant results from only 100 per cent whole food chromium of which I have personal knowledge were always special circumstance diabetics such as very large or obese, very long term diabetics (10 years or more) and those with long term, uncontrolled blood sugars. When all the nutritional deficiencies are addressed that have resulted from long term consumption of refined, processed foods then all the cylinders work better together.
Another for instance is with regard to diabetic neuropathy. A deficiency of the vitamin B6 is fairly specifically related to neuropathy yet often I learn from diabetics after they have been on 100 per cent whole food chromium alone for a sustained period of time that they have relief from their neuropathy.
An educated guess would be that the chromium addresses the primary insulin co-factor requirement and therefore B6 is no longer overcompensating for an absence of chromium with regard to insulin function so that neuropathy subsides due to a subsequently greater availability of B6. Of course, better to address the B6 shortfall and the chromium deficiency together – as well as the magnesium, zinc, silica and selenium deficiencies also at the same time. Sometimes I tell people that there is good news and bad news about 100 per cent whole food chromium. The good news is that it will work even if you don't change lifestyle habits. The bad news is also, however, that it will work even if you don't change lifestyle habits — at least for the vast majority.
Because chromium works so very well for so very many so very often it is sometimes difficult to get people to do other things that they really should do as well. Of course, this is a better problem to have than most problems to have.

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