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AC or DC?

Hi there,
Can you please let me know if the DC method is as good as the AC method? I have read on many sites information that seems to suggest the quality of the DC (rods in the glass jar) isn't as effective as the AC?

Thanks for hopefully ending my confusion.
Stephanie in New Zealand

Hi Stephanie,

That is not an especially easy question to answer. There are almost as many methods of production as there are companies. Both AC and DC production methods put silver into water and have positive effects. The real difference is not necessarily AC versus DC, nor does it have anything to do with PPMs, but it has more to do with the size of the silver particles.

You cannot judge colloidal silver products based solely upon parts per million (ppm), but a smaller particle size product is potentially more effective. Silver is only effective to the degree that the surface area of the silver particles are able to come into contact with a micro-organism. I'll exaggerate with size so you can get a clear mental image of this concept. Imagine a silver particle the size of a 55 gal. barrel with the outside of the barrel being the surface area that comes in contact with the surrounding environment; then compare that with the same barrel filled with silver particles the size of marbles or BBs. There are many times more effective surface areas to contact the surrounding environment with the smaller particles than with the larger particles. It also enables them to travel more easily in the body's fluid environment.

High ppm products generally are comprised of much larger particles suspended in a gelatinous base to keep them from falling out, which means that more of it may either collect in the tissue under the skin or be eliminated from the body without being utilized. High ppms are only necessary when the silver particle size is very large and therefore must make up for an inefficient surface area with more parts per million.

The truth is, silver of any size can be effective against micro-organisms, such as the use of silver utensils and cups, putting silver coins in water or milk, or even wearing silver jewelry where it is assimilated through the skin. There is no doubt that silver is only effective to the degree that it is able to come into contact with microbes and is therefore more effective if it has a particle size small enough to get down to the cellular level, but the debate about particle size can become somewhat academic. Smaller size enables the particles to travel more easily in the body's fluid environment, giving the silver easier access to all areas of the body and to microorganisms, but particle size in the 2-10 nanometer range, will be able to travel effectively anywhere in the body it is needed.

You are appreciated in Utopia.

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