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I have taken Colloidal Silver since Oct., 2001, with grand success! As I wrote several times before, I had sinus infections since childhood, and in 2000 and 2001, was almost constantly on antibiotics of some type or another for them.
They got to the point of not working, so the Dr started giving me steroid shots too.  Finally I went online and found UTOPIA SILVER, ordered a case, and the rest is history.  I also got the little generator, which I adore!  Since 2001, I have NOT been to the doctor with another sinus infection!  I have my mom and dad on silver, have treated all kinds of animals and cured them, and even saved a few vacations when I got bad bug bites, by soaking them in silver.

Here is the real reason I am writing again!  After the holidays, I returned to work this morning, in the daycare baby room.  To my surprise, not a single baby showed up this morning, and my helper showed up coughing her head off.  Apparently there is a really bad upper respiratory infection of some sort that was passed through my room last week, and they all got it — EXCEPT ME!   I am the only one taking colloidal silver daily.  Need proof this stuff works????? WELL, here I am!

Over the years people have read this site's testimonials, and emailed me to ask if I was really telling the truth!  I always reply to them and say TAKE THE SILVER!  There is no telling how many viral and bacterial infections I have avoided in the past 6 years by using silver.  I remain thankful and thankful again to all who guided me and sold me the silver and the generator!  May God richly bless each of you who passed into my life and enriched it so much!  Silver WILL remain the first part of my daily routine, always!

Love & Peace,

Sarah in South Carolina

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