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I was on the website tonight, and what is the difference between regular Utopia Silver & ionic silver besides the price is cheaper. I'm allergic to anything with gold in it.

Utopia Silver is great for my allergies this time of the year. Please reply so I can make a decision for my allergies.

Thanks Alice P.

Hi Alice,
Our silver products have no gold content unless you buy Life Solution which is 50% gold and 50% silver.

Here is a short article about particle silver vs. ionic silver. Generally the particle silver is better overall, especially in the saline fluid environs of the body and if it must pass through the hydrochloric acid of the stomach.

Note that silver generally will not stop allergic reactions unless it is caused by microbial sources. For example, if you are allergic to pollen, your silver result may be limited unless the root of the allergy is bacteria attached to the pollen. In that case, silver will kill the bacteria and reduce infection. Our mist sprayers are very effective in delivering silver into the sinuses and nebulizers are best for delivery to the bronchial and lungs.

Ben in Utopia.

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