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Chronic Viral Infection

Hi, I wonder if you could offer some advice please? I just ordered some of your Advanced Colloidal Silver with the intention of using it to treat a chronic viral infection, and will be using it in conjunction with effective probiotics (and a range of other natural supplements), but I am having difficulty finding out what an effective short term therapeutic dosage would be.

I appreciate there are official guidelines etc, but, hypothetically speaking, if you happened to be a 130 pound 29 year old woman and were attempting to treat yourself for a chronic viral condition, how much would you use and how would you ingest it?

Thanks very much!  

Hi Brendan,
Since everyone and every situation is different, that is a difficult question to answer. It may help to read this, A Layman’s Guide to Using Colloidal Silver . Be sure and don’t use the silver and probiotics at the same time.

For a chronic viral condition (such as the Herpes virus), read this, Herpes, Shingles, and Cold Sore Protocol

Ben in Utopia

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