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Fungal Infection

Can you direct me to the appropriate silver product (ionic or colloidal) to help heal a stubborn fungal infection on my skin and scalp? How does Utopia Silver compare with other silver products (e.g. ____ Silver in particular) in efficacy? Can you also recommend the frequency, duration, and amount to use in order to experience results? I appreciate your help.

Thank you,
Mel in Tennessee

Hi Mel,
Both will work externally/topically. If it is a deeper tissue infection, you might also want to combine the Silver with DMSO (maybe 75% silver & 25% DMSO) to enhance penetration. (Note: Combining the silver and DMSO will create a mild rise in temperature, but it cool shortly, so don’t be alarmed.) I would also consider the Silver Soap which also contains Aloe Vera concentrate, essential oil of Juniper, and Plant Minerals. Skincare Bars

As for as comparing our colloidal silver with other silver products, I believe ours is one of the two most effective in low PPMs. It may help to read this, Which colloidal silver is most effective, ionic or non-ionic? and How important is silver particle size and is a high ppm colloidal product required for effectiveness?   Also simply holding a silver coin under the tongue alone can have benefit, so don’t get caught up too much in the marketing debate and hype. The truth is, any true silver product on the market can be very effective, but there may be drawbacks to some. Personally I would not use chemical silver regularly over the long term. Colloidal silver produced electrically is the best and safest.

Ben in Utopia

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