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Cold Sore/Herpes

Cold Sores are simply a form of Herpes caused by herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1) related to the virus that causes genital herpes. Herpes zoster is responsible for chickenpox, shingles, mononucleosis, roseola, and even multiple sclerosis.
This virus is difficult to get rid of, remaining dormant in the body until an “outbreak”. Simplex 1 herpes virus generally “hibernate” in or near the joint of the jaw until triggered by fever, a cold, other viral infection, sun or wind exposure, stress, menstruation, depression of the immune system, or even high levels of the amino acid arginine. Even epidermal trauma or rubbing of the lips can trigger a herpes outbreak. Upon this triggering, the virus travel down the nerves to the lips causing a sore. In the case of genital herpes, the virus remains dormant at the base of the spine until also triggered by any of the above factors.

Colloidal Silver – Apply directly to the sore and take orally.

Aloe Vera – promotes healing especially in combination with colloidal silver.

L-Lysine – in a serving of 500 mg twice a day has been know as excellent fighter and preventative for herpes outbreaks, but should not be taken for more than six months at that level.

• Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil has to be one of the best items to have in your house. Not only does it cure cold sores, but it works great for bad acne and many other things. To get rid of a cold sore, as soon as you feel the tingle, place a dab of the tea tree oil on the sore. (In the morning and night.) And by the third day, it should be gone.

Vitamin B Complex – used as an immune system booster and also relieves stress.

Zinc – stimulates the immune system.

Acidophilus – inhibits pathogenic organisms.

Primrose Oil – is a great supplement for protection of the cells.

Calcium and Magnesium – are essential for the relief of stress and of muscle tension.

Any of the above supplements are better absorbed using Bromelain which is a pineapple enzyme that enhances digestive function.

It is also beneficial to eat plenty of raw vegetables, as well as live culture yogurt.
Some herpes may be due to low thyroid function.

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