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Colloidal Gold

Utopia Silver,
I’ve been taking colloidal gold that I purchased from you for about a week now. Have you ever heard anyone mention anything about feeling tired and sluggish after taking it?

Thank you!
Charlie, the Stromchaser

Hi Charlie,
I’ve never heard of that. There are a very few people who may be allergic to gold, but they would probably already know it from reactions to gold jewelry.

Ben in Utopia

Hi Ben,
As I come to find out, I was actually coming down with a cold so it wasn’t the gold.


Hi Charlie,
If you’re catching a cold, you can usually stop it from going full-blown by hitting it with 1-2 oz of silver every couple of hours the first day. The best place to stop a cold in when you first feel it in nasal passages by using a mist sprayer and saturating the sinus tissue. You may require more than 2-3 oz. once it gets into the Bronchials and lungs; it’s more difficult to handle there. When this happens, I use our nebulizer loaded with silver and Lobelia.

Ben in Utopia

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