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Hi there,
Do you know the dosage of colloidal silver to take for Endocarditis?
Thank you for help

Steve in Illinois

Hi Steve,
I’m certainly no expert on this condition, but after referencing our nutritional healing manuals, I have a little information to pass along to you. As I'm sure you're ready know, Endocarditis is generally an inflammation of the inner lining of the heart and heart valve, sometimes caused by microorganisms and sometimes caused by a buildup of fibrin or scar tissue.

Any condition with one celled organisms as the root cause can be positively affected using Colloidal Silver , but of course it must come into contact with the organism in order to kill it. When dealing with issues such as the kidney, bladder, stomach, or colon, small amounts of silver can be very effective. But other issues may require larger volumes of silver to be effective. It may require more silver for there to be an effective percentage in the bloodstream to accomplish the task here. There has to be enough silver mineral in the bloodstream as it flows past the affected areas to kill the microorganisms causing the problem. This might take some experimenting on your part as everyone and every situation is different. You should also remember that silver is a mineral and as with all minerals is rapidly depleted from the body. You might want to read this article, A Layman’s Guide to Using Colloidal Silver

The issue of fibrin or scar tissue may sound like a more difficult issue to correct but it has been found that megadoses of enzymes taken on an empty stomach tend to break down scar tissue and replace it with healthy vibrant tissue. A good side affect to taking Enzymes is that they can be very effective in megadoses and cleansing plaque from the cardiovascular system, noticeably improving circulation, especially in extremities.

We always recommend consulting in person if possible with a healthcare professional especially on potentially life-threatening issues. Although mainstream doctors and medicine in general tend to miss the boat so to speak, when it comes to natural adolescent bases methods for treating serious issues, there are generally very good at diagnosing problems. Therefore I presume that you have been properly diagnosed.

I hope this nutritional healing information can be of help to you.

Ben in Utopia.

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