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FDA Scientists Accuse Own Administration of Corruption

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) FDA scientists have become so fed up with the criminal behavior of their own administration that they've filed a strongly-worded complaint with President-elect Obama, alleging the FDA has been deeply "corrupted and distorted."

FDA managers, the letter explains, are "placing the American people at risk" by using tactics of intimidation to censor scientific debate within the FDA. This scientific censorship agenda, of course, mirrors the exact same tactics used by the FDA outside the agency against makers of nutritional supplements or herbal products. Intimidation and censorship, it seems, are part of the very fabric of the FDA.

The letter explains that FDA managers "have ignored serious safety and effectiveness concerns of FDA experts." It then goes on to explain:

"Managers have ordered, intimidated and coerced FDA experts to modify scientific evaluations, conclusions and recommendations in violation of the laws, rules and regulations, and to accept clinical and technical data that is not scientifically valid."

In other words, the FDA is being run like a criminal mob operation with a complete disregard for actual science.

Fascinatingly, this letter shows that the FDA's own scientists agree with the NaturalNews view that the FDA is running a criminal racket, using the very same tactics relied on by organized crime!

The scientists also complain that FDA managers "committed the most outrageous misconduct by ordering, coercing and intimidating FDA physicians and scientists to recommend approval, and then retaliating when the physicians and scientists refused to go along."

This is the latest escalation in a war of words between FDA scientists and FDA managers. A previous incident occurred in November, 2008, when many of the same scientists sent a letter to members of Congress and the House Energy and Commerce Committee ( NaturalNews characterized the action as a "revolt" of FDA scientists.

That revolt has apparently escalated into something that might turn into outright mutiny.

The fraud of mammography
In this most recent letter, which was acquired by the Wall Street Journal (…), the scientists also specifically named mammography devices as being fraudulently approved by the FDA. Mammography equipment has never been proven safe and effective at preventing breast cancer, and the FDA's own scientists explain that the equipment produces far too many false positives which result in unnecessary (toxic) cancer treatments being given to otherwise healthy women.

Mammography equipment, of course, emits so much radiation that it actually causes breast cancer. As previous scientific studies have shown, ten women are harmed by mammograms for every one woman that's helped (

But the FDA approved mammography equipment anyway, despite its complete lack of scientific support. Why did they do that? Because mammography is a recruiting tool for the profit-focused cancer industry, and the more women get mammograms, the more can be scared into submitting to expensive, profitable breast cancer treatments.

It's quite a scam. And the FDA's own scientists are onto it.

The bottom line? FDA bureaucrats need to be arrested
It's quite clear that there's a war brewing between FDA scientists and FDA bureaucrats (managers). The managers are operating as criminals, using intimidation, censorship, and all sorts of other arm-twisting tactics to try to force the scientists to approve dangerous medical devices or drugs.

The scientists, on the other hand, are trying to protect consumers. They're attempting to apply good science to their decisions, but they're being overruled by the political decisions of FDA managers, many of which have undisclosed financial ties to drug companies and medical device manufacturers.

It's time to end this criminal racket at the FDA. NaturalNews urges Obama to announce a clean sweep of the FDA where top managers are placed under arrest, investigated and prosecuted for their crimes against the People of the United States of America.

NaturalNews will be sponsoring an online petition later this month that calls for the Obama administration to reform the FDA and restore health freedoms to the American people.

To put it bluntly, the FDA has become an enemy of the People, and in order to protect the People, we must end the tyranny of the FDA.

This inescapable fact is now so apparent that even the FDA's own scientists are saying much the same thing.

NaturalNews is available to receive leaks from FDA scientists who wish to serve the public interest by exposing certain pieces of information from inside the FDA. Our commitment to protecting our sources is unparalleled. We will guarantee 100% anonymity to any source from inside the FDA that leaks information to us, as long as you follow our instructions below (you can assume your home phone and personal emails are tapped).

Contact us through a public internet cafe, public library computer or a friend's computer. Post your information to our feedback form and provide a way that we can (indirectly) reach you or get you a message. Do NOT use your FDA email, home phone number, cell phone number or other information that could be linked directly back to you. It would not be beyond the FDA to use secret police-style tactics to conduct surveillance on their own dissenting scientists, or to even put a bullet in the head of a scientist they discovered was leaking secrets. After all, if the agency is willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of American consumers in order to protect the profits of drug companies and medical device manufacturers, they certainly wouldn't hesitate to take out a rogue scientist who threatened to expose their crimes. Please exercise extreme caution and take all necessary steps to protect yourself.

NaturalNews supports FDA scientists like Dr. David Graham. We understand that the managers and bureaucrats have corrupted the agency, and we support the plight of FDA scientists who wish to see their own agency reformed and credibility restored. The way to do that is to see the removal or arrest of top FDA managers. And the easiest way to accomplish that is to go public with information that would expose their crimes.

Remember this: The FDA is only one scandal away from total reform. If a big enough scandal can be made public, the outcry for reform would give Washington lawmakers the political clout they need to take serious action at the FDA. And that's the only way FDA scientists are ever going to get their power back.

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