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Winning the War on Food (Part 3): When Gardening Is Considered Terrorism

by Neil McLaughlin

(NaturalNews) There are several political issues that are important to understand as the government erodes our rights to do anything about the issues regarding food irradiation and vitamin regulation.

Right to Free Speech (First Amendment)

With legislation like The Radicalization of Homegrown Terrorist Prevention Act of 2007 (HR 1955 and SB 1959), it may soon be considered terrorism if one disseminates any truth (or ideology). Even though corporations are protected by the first amendment to the point where they can outright lie (as the Mainstream Media routinely does), citizens will not be allowed to even state facts. These laws will be selectively enforced so radio talk show hosts can still promote violence against those questioning the 9-11 Commission report (to say that dissent is treason is pure Communism). Losing the first amendment means ordinary citizens may soon no longer be able to even inform others that their food has been poisoned. This is of course to protect poison manufacturers who have paid off members of Congress. Recently You Tube has implemented its own version of the bill, censoring many videos, for which we can thank Senator Joe Lieberman. Note that the first amendment is in order of importance.

Right to Bear Arms (Second Amendment)

Currently in the U.S. one in 99 Americans are in prison, the highest incarceration rate of any country (let alone a "free" one). Most prisoners are there for petty, victimless crimes like substance abuse or possession of marijuana, yet states are quickly changing laws to turn civil infractions into criminal infractions, imposing serious jail time for things like driving offenses. Once in jail, prisoners effectively become slaves to the corporations, working for about 30 cents per hour, while supported by the tax payers. At the same time, states are changing gun requirements to not only disallow convicted felons, but anyone even charged with a misdemeanor (adjudication withheld). Thus in some states you can't obtain a gun license for five years after being essentially just charged with reckless driving, something any police officer can charge you with on a whim. Hence, being charged with a misdemeanor can be treated as a conviction of a felony. So it's a two step process of: a) make everyone a criminal and b) take away the rights of criminals. Losing the second amendment ultimately means people won't be able to protect their property or their gardens from thieves. The second amendment is the fail safe mechanism of the first.

Right to Privacy (Fourth Amendment)

Citizens used to have protection against unlawful search and seizure of their property. In order to obtain a search warrant, police used to have to convince an impartial (not insider) judge that they had probable (not improbable) cause to believe a crime was being committed. Probable cause means it is probably true (more than 51% odds). However, since the "War on Boogeymen" began, U.S. citizens basically no longer have fourth amendment protection. Now, just like the British police did in the 1700's (causing our forefathers to enact the fourth amendment in the first place), U.S. police and government officials can "sneak and peak" into homes, tamper with or fabricate evidence, derive evidence from torture, and present the evidence in court, all because they suspect someone might be a "terrorist" (an undefined term). This is to make us safer.

Those put in jail no longer have a right to a speedy trial and we no longer have the writ of Habeas Corpus (Latin for "I have the body"). This means police officers (who often act as collection agents for multinational corporations) no longer have to prove they even still have the prisoner in good health. Losing our privacy and right to a fair trial means the government (i.e. their corporate masters) can eliminate anyone who opposes their agenda (i.e. profits). Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. While the government can detain indefinitely any limo drivers who taxi around bad guys, impeachment of proven liars and war criminals in the White House is "off the table".

Guarding your Garden

The U.S. government now reserves the right to search any property, destroy any garden, seize any produce, and possibly one day charge any farmer with a crime of "unlawful cultivation of a prescribed food", even if it means his own family will starve. Combine this with the fact that the government now aims to irradiate (poison) much of our food supply, and soon people may have no ability to heal or even feed themselves with food containing any living enzymes. This essentially condemns everyone to eat only fast food.

Since all produce may soon be considered dangerous, it's only a matter of time before some newscaster refers to garden vegetables themselves as "Homegrown Terror". Citizens will have to deal fresh vegetables like drugs. Police representing the United Nations and NAFTA interests will search for secret indoor gardens based on power consumption. Shameless neighbors facing foreclosure and anxious to collect reward money will peek over fences and call police hot-lines when they see vegetables growing, turning in anyone committing an "act of agriculture".

Whether new legislation says it's alright or not, according to Natural Law and the Constitution the government has no right to control the food supply. The Declaration of Independence makes it clear in the first paragraph: Whenever any form of government becomes oppressive, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. Corporate control of the food supply is exactly the kind of tyranny the forefathers were trying to protect us from.

During the seven years that have passed since 9/11, many have justified their own complacency by saying "As long as you aren't doing anything illegal, why do you care if the government (does)?" Those people should now take note that growing and consuming vegetables may one day be considered illegal.

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