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FTC Threatens Church with Imprisonment for Selling Supplements

(NaturalNews) The FTC has unleashed a new assault against both dietary supplements and religious freedoms by targeting a Christian church for termination. Through exclusive interviews and conversations with health freedom attorney Jim Turner  NaturalNews has learned that the church Daniel Chapter One has been targeted by the FTC for destruction.
Throughout 2008, the FTC has been on a free speech rampage, sending threatening demands to 130 companies selling dietary supplements. It has specifically targeted organizations selling anti-cancer dietary supplements. The typical FTC legal assault involves the sending of a threatening letter to the company or church being targeted, where FTC demands to:

• Confiscate customer records.
• Confiscate all banking and financial records.
• Drag the church or business into court for refusing to comply.

Organizations that refuse to meet the FTC's demands are threatened with the following:

• Arrest and imprisonment.
• Complete confiscation of their inventory.
• Being charged with crimes by the FTC. Such crimes are heard in the FTC's own kangaroo court, which is subject to no law.

On that last point, it's important to note that the FTC is now functioning as both Judge and Jury, as it has set up its own "private" FTC court in Washington D.C., where the right to a trial by jury does not exist, and the FTC's own appointed judges render decisions against the accused (the dietary supplement companies) without using any commonly-accepted legal standards whatsoever. It is essentially a military court where you are considered guilty until proven innocent.

In its threatening letters sent to dietary supplement companies, the FTC demands that the principals of such companies appear in their own private FTC court to face charges. Failure to appear is considered an admission of guilt, causing your company to be shut down by the FDA while you're arrested and brought up on yet more federal charges.

Out of approximately 130 companies that have been targeted and threatened by the FTC, only 10 have so far refused to sign the so-called "consent decree" documents put forth by the FTC, which require company principals to admit to committing crimes they did not commit (crimes such as "selling unapproved drugs" which are really just fruit extracts or herbal supplements, for example).

This is a very similar situation to what the FDA is doing in its own campaign of tyranny against natural health companies. NaturalNews has previously documented the FDA's operation of a criminal extortion racket that's very similar to the FTC's actions.

Too terrorized by the FTC to speak out

NaturalNews has spoken to many companies targeted by the FTC. Nearly all of them have been too terrorized by the FTC to be willing to go on the record with an interview. Although they have all told me privately that they believe they are being targeted by a criminally-operated FTC waging an anti-health witch hunt, they are too afraid of winding up in prison to go on the record with their views.

This fact alone should cause serious concern for anyone reading this. Since when was America a country of secret regulatory police who terrorized the business community into a state of silent fear? The FTC is clearly using tactics of terror and tyranny to silence the very companies and individuals it is targeting for termination. (And by "termination," I mean the termination of their freedoms and their businesses, not assassination. Not yet, anyway.)

Only three companies have agreed to go on the record with NaturalNews and voice their opposition to the FTC's campaign of tyranny. Daniel Chapter One is one of them. They are devoutly refusing to abide by the FTC's demands, and they're challenging the very premise of the FTC's authority.

With the help of health freedom attorney Jim Turner, the principals of Daniel Chapter One are claiming the FTC has no authority over churches and non-profit organizations. Furthermore, they are claiming the FTC has no authority to restrict truthful free speech about dietary supplements.

It is this second point that is relevant to ALL health supplement companies, for if Daniel Chapter One is successful in this challenge, it could help spell an end to the regulatory carpet bombing of the dietary supplement industry that's now being masterminded by the FTC.

Is the FTC engaged in regulatory terrorism?

I believe these actions by the FTC can only rightly be called a form of regulatory terrorism against the American People. In its quest to destroy the nutritional supplements industry, the FTC is pulling out all the stops, relying on instruments of oppression and tyranny that have historically been used by the secret police of the former Soviet Union, for example, or even Nazi Germany.

In doing so, the FTC is attempting to destroy a body of knowledge about anti-cancer remedies, thrusting the American people into an era of nutritional illiteracy that would put them at the sole mercy of the conventional cancer treatment industry (which promotes poison, surgery and radiation as its primary modalities, all of which earn considerable profits for powerful corporations).

The FTC, you see, is not merely demanding that companies remove all text from their websites that might imply an herb could be useful for preventing cancer; they are also demanding that the websites of these companies may not link OUT to other websites that contain such information (such as, for example). Thus, the FTC is creating a system of regulatory-enforced illiteracy that's destroying the availability of truthful information on the internet, even while our nation remains in a state of health care collapse that desperately needs a natural health solution.

It is in this way that the FTC is driving America towards a total collapse of both health care and its finances. A sick, nutritionally illiterate population denied the right to even learn about nutritional approaches to preventing cancer is doomed to suffer unprecedented increases in degenerative disease. This is the curse the FTC has placed upon the American people in its question for total domination of the dietary supplements industry.

Will Bibles be banned next?

The Bible recommends numerous medicinal herbs for the treatment, prevention and even the cure of degenerative diseases.

This well-known fact is documented at great length by famed ethnobotany researcher Dr. James Duke, author of several books on Biblical herbs. Dr. Duke is a former researcher for the U.S. Agricultural Research Services (ARS). He is the creator of the ARS database of phytochemicals that remains the single most authoritative source on plant-based medicines that has ever been created.

But under FTC regulations that are in place right now, anyone selling Bibles in the same store as the herbal supplements mentioned in the Bible could be arrested, imprisoned and permanently put out of business. Their Bibles could be confiscated, their herbs destroyed and their lives ruined because they dared to sell the herbs mentioned in the Bible.

The Bible, you see, could be considered an "illegal marketing document" if sold beside the very herbs it recommends.

This brings me to the Daniel Chapter One church, where Jim and Trish Feijo have been traveling the world, engaged in their ministry of human compassion, helping to uplift the peoples of various nations (across multiple continents). As part of their sharing of God's gifts to the world, their church sells dietary supplements, many of which contain powerful anti-cancer phytochemicals. They also have a radio show where they empower listeners with relevant information about spiritual and nutritional enlightenment.

They have never had a single health complaint filed against them by customers of their anti-cancer products, nor has the FTC produced any evidence whatsoever showing that Daniel Chapter One has made any false statements about their products. Every single description and statement about dietary supplements on the website is factually true.

The FTC isn't challenging the facts of the statements. It is not the FTC's position that Daniel Chapter One is making false statements at all. Rather, the FTC's claim is that Daniel Chapter One is making true but illegal statements about dietary supplements.

Got that? Telling the truth in America is illegal if you happen to be selling products that threaten the profits of the drug companies (which the FTC routinely protects in waging its campaign against the dietary supplement industry).

Notably, if you are a drug company selling toxic, patented chemicals, you can lie all you want! The FTC outright ignores the monopolistic practices of the pharmaceutical industry. Breaking up monopolies, of course, is supposed to be one of the primary functions of the FTC! But when it comes to Big Pharma, a national monopoly on pharmaceutical distribution and pricing is not merely tolerated, it is in fact enforced by this rogue federal agency that now works as the regulatory hit men of the drug trade.

That's an honest description. These assaults on dietary supplement companies (and churches) closely resemble the work of hit men. But instead of working for an illegal drug cartel selling banned chemicals, these FTC thugs work for a legal drug cartel selling FDA-protected chemicals!

What happens if the FTC continues its campaign of regulatory terrorism against the dietary supplements industry?

Where might this all end up if the FTC campaign of regulatory terrorism isn't stopped?

Imagine a nation where government-paid secret police spy on ordinary Americans to see who might be talking about herbs, vitamins or dietary supplements. Those who dare to utter the wrong words find their names and social security numbers entered onto a Watch List of "pharmaceutical resisters." The Watch List grows, and before long, the government regulatory goons begin calling it a list of "homegrown terrorists."

Those who deal in banned medicines (like herbal teas, vitamin C or cherry fruit concentrates) are arrested on site and imprisoned. Health food stores are shut down at gunpoint. All functional foods are banned, and Whole Foods has its shelves stripped of everything but fresh produce (all the produce must be irradiated to destroy the natural medicine they contain, too).

The Internet becomes a wasteland of nutritional illiteracy where only "approved" websites are routed through key ISPs. Any website discussing nutrition or herbs is considered to be in violation of FTC regulations. Its owners are arrested and considered "prisoners of war" due to the fact that their names are already on the Watch List of "homegrown terrorists." They're shipped off to secret military prisons in Cuba and tortured until they either repent their beliefs or are killed by the torture.

The FTC boosts its firearms budget and begins staging armed raids on vitamin shops, shooting up the inventory and "accidentally" catching vitamin shop owners in the line of fire. Herbs being shipped into the United States are seized at the border like illegal drugs, and a booming black market economy sees the widespread smuggling of medicinal herbs into the United States by Mexicans, South Americans and even Canadians!

Rates of degenerative disease accelerate; the nation becomes a cesspool of disease and chemical contamination. A new set of laws, written wholly by the drug companies themselves, is passed that prohibits any speech about dietary supplements (including advertising) and criminalizes the possession of medicinal herbs, homeopathic remedies, plant extracts and vitamins of any kind. Meanwhile, all prescription drugs are approved for OTC (over-the-counter) purchase, followed by new pharmaceutical vending machines that pop out pills in exchange for your cash or credit card.

All herbal books are pulled out of public libraries and burned in the streets. The possession of such a book becomes a felony crime. A new age of nutritional McCarthyism is unleashed upon America, and health book authors who dare to write about the benefits of nutrition are hunted down and arrested (or just killed).

Another new law demands that all Bibles be revised to remove any references to the "illegal" herbs it recommends. Churches that cite references to the herbs in the Bible are assaulted and shut down, their pastors arrested and imprisoned for committing crimes against the State.

The teaching of herbal remedies is banned in all public schools with the help of influential western scientists who claim "God does not belong in the classroom" and that since the Bible teaches herbs, any teaching of herbs in the classroom is, in effect, the teaching of religion.

This is the future the FTC is pushing us towards.

It's not even very difficult to image. Just extrapolate the FTC's current campaigns of oppression and tyranny against the industry, and you easily imagine much of this coming true.

Unless, of course, the FTC is stopped.

Apartheid. Hitler. Stalin. Mao. Pol Pot. The FTC and FDA.

These are the memorable mass criminals of the 20th and 21st centuries. They all have one thing in common: The insatiable quest for power at the expense of the lives of fellow human beings.

I believe that if the FTC were given unlimited power, there is absolutely no doubt it would become a Nazi-like regime of uncompromising intolerance, outlawing all speech that opposed its own views and terminating the lives of its enemies.

But the FTC's days are numbered, I believe. Its tyrannical actions against the natural health industry are an extension of the Bush Administration's Big Pharma push, and with the Bush criminals on their way out of the White House, all that's about to change. Or at least, we hope. (If Obama brings a new set of criminals into the White House, we probably won't see much change, and the seeming appointment of Dr. Sanjay Gupta to U.S. Surgeon General certainly doesn't hint at good things for the natural health industry under an Obama administration…)

What you can do right now to put a stop to this

The FTC is at war with the American People. It is waging a campaign of destruction against herbal knowledge in America, attempting to erase the memory of herbal wisdom from the minds of American consumers.

In waging this war, the FTC is destroying family businesses, destroying the dietary supplements industry and destroying the natural health options of health-conscious consumers.

The FTC must be stopped if we hope to protect our families and children from this growing regulatory threat in Washington. In essence, we must save our nation from the FTC (and the FDA, for that matter).

What can you do to stop the FTC? Here's a short list of things you can do right now:

• Support Daniel Chapter One by purchasing their anti-cancer products. Their 7 Herb Formula is a powerful medicinal recipe that kills cancer cells and can help your body prevent and even reverse cancer

• Support Citizens for Health). They are one of the health freedom organizations that's actually engaged in good work.

• Complain to the FTC! What's hilarious about the FTC's website is that it provides a way for you to complain about everybody EXCEPT the FTC! What we really need in this country is a new office run by the People that has oversight power over the FTC and FDA, and we would complain to them. (What happened to America, anyway? When did the people just surrender all their power to Big Government tyranny?)

If you want to complain directly to the FTC, the best option is probably to just send them a physical letter (in the mail). They can be reached at:

Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

Be sure to include a copy of this article, just to remind 'em that you're informed. They'll attack this article, of course, claiming it's "anti-FTC propaganda." That's exactly what Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot said, too. The rebels that fought tyranny in those historical scenarios were quickly labeled terrorists and imprisoned or just outright shot. In fact, you can expect the FTC to attempt to find a way to silence NaturalNews. This is one of the reasons we have never sold nutritional products, by the way. Doing so would put us in a position of extreme regulatory vulnerability with the FTC criminals.

• More importantly, complain to your lawmakers in Washington. Call, fax, email or write your elected representatives in Washington. Let 'em know what you think about the FTC's attacks on churches and its campaign of tyranny against the dietary supplements industry.

• Support Ron Paul's Health Freedom Protection Act, which will be reintroduced in the House this Spring. If passed, it would finally legalize factually true speech about dietary supplements, allowing health supplement companies to accurately describe the health benefits of the products they offer to the public.

• Listen to the exclusive interview I conducted with health freedom attorney Jim Turner.

• Sign the NaturalNews Health Revolution Petition that's scheduled to be announced later this month.

• Forward this article to someone you know, and link to this article from your blog or website. Digg it, too, and help spread the word about how the FTC is destroying America's freedom of speech, freedom of religion and dietary supplements industry.

Where is the mainstream media on this story?

Have you noticed, by the way, how the mainstream media remains mysteriously absent on reporting this story?

It should be one of the biggest stories in America today. The FTC is waging a war of attrition against the dietary supplements industry? The FDA is engaged in an extortion racket that targets supplement companies? Yes, these events are happening right now. And, mysteriously, the mainstream media hasn't covered this story in the least.

You can decide for yourself why that might be the case. I already happen to know the REAL reason, but I'm not going there in this story. Perhaps we'll cover that later.

Someone conducting an all-out investigative report on this FTC story deserves a Pulitzer Prize, no doubt. But this story cannot possibly run in any mainstream newspaper or magazine, because it would be canned before it ever saw the light of day. NaturalNews remains one of the very few places where you can still get honest news reported by intelligent people who don't have a corporate-sponsored agenda driving their editorial decisions.

I earn no money from this article, and I remain a volunteer writer for NaturalNews. There is nothing for sale in these words. This is in no way commercial speech. It is FREE Speech. That is precisely what puts this article out of the jurisdiction of the FTC and FDA. It is the only reason why this website has survived the campaigns of tyranny and illiteracy waged by these two organizations.

And I can guarantee you this: NaturalNews will out-live both the FTC and the FDA. Their days are numbered, and the People will yet be victorious in their quest to take back the power that has been stolen from them by Washington tyrants and bureaucrats.

We are on the verge of a popular revolution in America today. The People are fed up with Washington at every turn, and they ready for real change. Remember this: Both the FTC and FDA are but one paycheck away from total collapse. When the U.S. government goes belly up and can no longer pay its soldiers, bureaucrats and tyrants to keep up the appearance of authority, the entire system will dissolve within days, leaving a landscape of disillusioned patriots, hungry for freedom and ready to embrace new ideas on how to structure a sustainable society.

Mark my words: the USA experiment is drawing to a close. It had a great start (the Constitution and Bill of Rights are both sacred documents, in my opinion), but after enough time, the tyrants managed to grab power anyway. Today, the USA is a failed experiment of runaway power, runaway debt, consumerism and greed. When this experiment comes to an end, the FTC and FDA will go with it, and the people of this great land will finally be set free to control their own destiny, to create a new USA (or whatever it might called) where liberty reigns supreme over tyranny and the sovereign citizen is one again recognized as the source of all political power.

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