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Patrick Swayze’s Misguided Faith in Mainstream Medicine

by Tony Isaacs

(NaturalNews) Millions of people tuned in to watch the Barbara Walters interview with Patrick Swayze which centered on his fight against pancreatic cancer. It was wonderful to see Swayze so fired up and hopeful and to his credit, he has refused to accept his cancer as a death sentence and is fighting it with mind, body and soul. To the dismay of those of us in natural health, Swayze has also placed his faith and life in the hands of mainstream medicine.

In the interview, Swayze indicated that he does not want any advice from others on alternative treatments. According to Swayze, he has taken some "specific immune system Chinese herbs," but says he hasn't tried many alternative therapies because he learned that if "you feed your body, you feed the insatiable voracious appetite of the cancer."

The mainstream medicine group that has failed to conquer cancer for half a century has clearly gotten into Swayze's head. These are the same MD's and oncologist who will more often than not advise a person to not take antioxidants when having chemo, though there have been no reliable studies to support such advice and many which dispute it. The mainstream chemo theory is to weaken and destroy the cancer cells with chemical poison which also weakens and destroys the rest of the body's cells and organs in the often misplaced hope that the symptoms of cancer (tumors and cancer cell masses) will somehow be eliminated before the treatment itself kills the patient. It is a desperate gamble that fails more often than not. Even when most or all of the symptoms are eliminated by chemo (or radiation), the damage to the body's natural immune system, major organs and overall health is so great that the way is paved for the return and unabated growth of cancer in a body whose natural defenses have been rendered virtually useless.

Fasting can be a key part of beating cancer, but not so much because it starves the cancer cells. Rather, fasting helps the body eliminate toxins and waste and helps it regain proper balance. Contrary to what Swayze has been led to believe, proper nutrition is also very much a key to beating cancer, because it is essential to build and maintain a strong immune system. In the final analysis, only the body itself can ultimately beat cancer and keep it at bay. Along with having a positive mental attitude as Swayze appears to have, fasting, cleansing, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes are all keys to addressing the underlying causes that enabled cancer to gain a foothold in the first place and to enable the body to protect itself in the future. Herbs and other supplements can provide key natural help to enable the body to restore itself and do what it was intended in the first place.

While addressing the underlying causes of cancer is the ultimate key to long term cancer survival, one cannot ignore the symptoms of cancer which may well kill you in the short term before you are able to restore you body and immune system to optimum health. Here too, the right herbs and supplements can play a vital role in attacking tumors and cancer cells to arrest their growth and eliminate them to give the body the time it often needs to become restored and keep cancer at bay in the future. Though pancreatic cancer is a very aggressive and difficult cancer to beat, two natural items featured here at Natural News have been particularly successful against pancreatic cancer: oleander and black cumin seed oil.

When it comes to mainstream treatment of pancreatic cancer, five year survival rates overall are an abysmal 4.6%. In cases where cancer has spread to any great extent, those rates drop to 1.8%. Five year survival actually due to chemo: Zero percent.

Despite a decades long continual stream of pronouncements about annual progress and new cures and treatments being just around the corner, more people continue to contract and die from cancer every year. Not coincidentally, more money is spent on cancer treatments each year as well. Cancer is an almost $400 Billion a year industry. The only way it can maintain and increase it's profits is by NOT finding a cure. The legacy of not finding a cure and putting profits before healing can be found in our nation's graveyards, where millions of bodies lie of those who were taken from their friends and families and sent to early graves before their time.

Rejecting pancreatic or any other cancer as a death sentence and fighting it with mind, body and spirit as Swayze is doing is a key to winning the battle. In the opinion of those of us who embrace natural healing, another very large key is rejecting the slash, burn and poison-out-the-symptom therapies that mainstream medicine continues to cling to after a half century of failure.

We can only cheer Patrick Swayze's spirit and determination and hope that he beats the long odds that are stacked against him.

"Everyone should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud." – Two Time Nobel Prize Winner Linus Pauling

"The National Anti-Cancer Program is a bunch of sh*t" – James Watson, Nobel Laureate for Medicine in 1962, joint discoverer of the double helix of DNA, and for two years a member of the US Joint Advisory Committee on Cancer

"Nature is the physician of man." – Hippocrates, "the father of medicine"

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