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Good Bacteria

Does silver kill good bacteria, too? I saw on your site it is recommended to use Probiotics when taking high dosages of silver. How is silver better than antibiotics then? I am very interested in your products but would like these questions answered.

Thank you,
Julie in Orange County California


Hi Julie,
Silver kills all bacteria on contact and often “bad bacteria” is simply “good bacteria” out of control. The use of Pro-biotics, Acidophilusand/or eating live culture yogurt an hour or so after heavy silver use helps to replenish the ‘good’ flora in the colon very rapidly.

Silver will not kill you and I do not believe it will damage your kidneys or liver in any quantity needed to cleanse them from viral or bacterial infections. On the other hand, anti-biotics kill thousands of people each year, so although they may have been live savers at times, they can also be very dangerous. This danger element is something that we never heard about from the media or government agencies who claim they are ‘looking out for our safety’. Also, antibiotics will only kill bacteria and do not kill viruses, but mainstream medicine still prescribes them for viral infections; silver kills all one-celled organisms.

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