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Colloidal Silver Spray

Utopia Silver,
I was looking on your testimonials website and I saw that people had used this as a spray on their face?  I am wondering, is the advanced colloidal silver that one takes internally the same thing that is sprayed on the face?  Thanks

Rob C.

Hi Rob,
Advanced Colloidal Silver can be used orally or topically. The Advanced Ionic Silver is for topical and any place where it doesn’t have to pass thru the stomach. I use it for cuts and scraps myself, …but don’t apply it for a long period liberally except on a localized spot. It kills bacteria and there are beneficial bacteria needed to keep the skin healthy; in its concentrated form your skin can get too much. You know you’re overdoing it if your skin starts to become dry and cracked. I have personally experienced that several times, but it will correct itself very quickly with no long-term damage. If you have an issue requiring heavy use, I would use a few days and then take a few days off before resuming.

Ben in Utopia

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